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How to Build a Great CampfireAlways wanted to build a great campfire but never perfected the art? Check out this How to Build a Great Campfire guide for tips!


…everything before you strike a match. The sizes and amounts are rules of thumb, don’t over-engineer things. For some reason my Scouts always seem to break the sticks they gather into tiny pieces, keep them close to the sizes specified and you’ll have a better chance of succeeding.


… don’t be overly concerned with trying to make a teepee or a log cabin or any of the traditional illustrated fire lays that look nice and neat – get the tinder burning, add the kindling and then the fuel.  A fire has to have something to burn, don’t be shy. Most of my fires are piles, some look a little like teepees, just do what works. [...]

Gone Fishing!

Family Friendly Fishing for your Next Adventure

Grab your fishing rod, sharpen your hooks! Thousands of lowland lakes in Washington await anglers new and old with exciting family friendly fishing opportunities.

Washington State FishingCheck out the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife website for tips on your local fishing holes, and necessary permitting. A current Washington state fishing license is required for all but a few game species.

Post the “gone fishing” sign on your door and head for one of the 80+ parks where you can dangle a hook. Many state park lakes and ponds, such as Cascade Lake at Moran, are regularly stocked with rainbow, cutthroat, and kokanee trout. Fish for largemouth bass at Curlew Lake in the sunny Okanogan Highlands, or for salmon and trout at Seaquest in the shadow of Mount St. Helens. Triton Cove on Hood Canal, once a small trailer-in fishing resort, is still a great spot for catching offshore [...]

Campfire Baked Apples

A Hometown Favorite!

Did you know that All Seasons RV’s home in Wenatchee is also known as the Apple Capital of the World? This recipe is a hometown favorite of ours: Campfire Baked Apples. Yum!

Ingredients:Campfire Baked Apples
  • 4 large apples
  • 2 T lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup cranberries, dried
  • 2 T raisins
  • 2 T walnuts, chopped
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon, ground
  • 1/8 tsp nutmeg, ground
  • 1 T butter, unsalted, softened
  1. Using a knife or an apple corer carefully core:
    • 4 large apples , such as Gala or Granny Smith
  2. Be sure not to break open the apples.
  3. Brush the inside of the apples with:
    • 1 TBS lemon juice
  4. Place each apple on their own 10-inch square sheet of aluminum foil.
  5. In a small bowl, mix:
    • 1 TBS lemon juice
    • 1/4 cup [...]

4th of July Camping

It's not too late!

Although many campsites are completely booked this time of year, it’s still possible to plan a last-minute vacation in parts of the beautiful Northwest. If you want to spend the 4th of July Camping under the stars, try giving one of these areas a try.

4th of July CampsiteWestern Idaho’s lakes and greenery provide the perfect backdrop to your weekend escape. Cook a campfire meal and absorb the picturesque surroundings, all in your own backyard. For a change in scenery, look for campsites in the Southeastern region of the state. The striking rock fixtures and dramatic sunsets are enough to take your breath away.

If you find yourself farther West or would prefer to be closer to the ocean this holiday, check out some of Southern Washington’s campsites. Famous for its lush forests and staggering Oceanside cliffs, Washington’s parks and [...]

Arts, Culture & Heritage in Washington State

Washington State Summer Events

Washington isn’t just a collection of beautiful landscapes; it’s also a place rich in arts, culture and heritage.

Washington StateA fascinating mixture of agricultural, maritime, industrial and high-tech influences contribute to Washington State’s cultural heritage. This is a land of loggers and farmers, ranchers and cowboys, fishermen and sailors, high-tech visionaries and ambitious entrepreneurs. This is where commercial aviation took flight. It’s where computer technology was transformed from a science fiction abstraction in the minds of most Americans into an everyday tool. It’s also the place where some of the planet’s coolest rock stars and greatest songwriters picked up their first guitars and found an audience.

Why is Washington State such a creative hotspot? A great American crossroads, Washington State is a proud mixture of Native peoples and people of Latino, European, Asian and African descent. Living [...]

Camping Tips

Camp Like a Champ!

These camping tips will show you how to camp like a champ. Don’t sacrifice adventure to show you know how to camp like a champ. Use these tips to maximize your opportunity for adventure!

  1. Shelter: Shop the new inventory at All Seasons RV to find the perfect RV for your needs!Camping Checklist
  2. Campsite: Survey the landscape, watching for dead trees and downed limbs. Look for cover, note the wind direction, and direction of the sun.
  3. Sleep: Make sure you and your family are comfortable. Well rested people have more fun adventuring!
  4. Lists: Make sure you make a list of all your needs for the trip to help you pack. At the end of every trip, note what you wished you had, and add it to your list! Old area rugs are great ways to add comfort to your site.
  5. [...]

Summer Festivals

Washington State

Love planning your summer camping trips around fun events? Visit Experience Washington to learn more about Washington State’s one-of-a-kind Summer Festivals, fun for the whole family!WA State Summer Festivals

Do as the locals do and go to a Washington event or festival. Unique festivals and events are held year-round celebrating local culture, holidays and more. Spice up your vacation itinerary with an event to make your Washington State experience that much more memorable.

Summers bring events such as the Omak Stampede, Hovander Homestead Bluegrass Festival and a collection of county fairs; winters, a host of holiday light displays and celebrations; spring and fall, events that celebrate local culture, towns and historical events and everything in between.

Veteran’s Day parades, Christmas boat parades, tractor parades, chili cook offs, chowder cook offs, wine tastings and arts festivals [...]


In western Washington, Puget Sound creates an immense playground of beaches, bays and islands linked by America’s largest ferry system. Go clamming along the Pacific, whale watching in the San Juan Islands or exploring on the cedar-shrouded Olympic Peninsula. Enjoy a day in Seattle. Within a day’s drive of most Washington campgrounds are the peaks of Mount Rainier or Mount Baker, rising above the Cascade Range. Mountain towns like Winthrop and Leavenworth position you for outdoor fun with RV parks, cabin rentals and tent camping. Out east, grand western rivers like the Snake, Columbia and Yakima roll through sunny high-desert hillsides striped with vineyards.

Visit KOA’s website to learn more about KOA campgrounds in Washington State, and book your reservations now!KOA Campgrounds in Washington

Planning your first – or 101st – family camping adventure? You can find it all within a half day’s drive of Seattle or Tacoma: mountain views, wooded streams, shining lakes, ocean tides – even desert sands. Here are my recommendations for five excellent campsites that are less than four hours from Seattle by car (and sometimes ferry).

1. Sequim Bay State Park, Olympic Peninsula

A year-round, 92-acre marine camping park with 4,909 feet of saltwater coast in the Sequim rain shadow, Sequim Bay State Park sits just inside Puget Sound on the Olympic Peninsula. The park has 49 tent spaces and 15 utility spaces, and there are two loops of forested, dry, camping sites, some very near the water. The calm bay and dry air make it popular with boaters. Other features include a tennis court, baseball field, horseshoe pits, beach combing, interpretive opportunities and the paved Olympic Discovery Trail. Ten minutes away, the city [...]

Easy RV Cooking

Tips for Easy Meals on the Road

Love camping but heat spending your vacation cooking? Follow these Easy RV Cooking for Tips on Easy Meals on the Road.

1. Plan your menus

Get out a calendar and figure out a meal plan for each day you’ll be away from home. Photocopy your calendar or daily planner and mark up the photocopy with the meals you have in mind, taking into consideration a kickoff dinner, a special breakfast or brunch, a cookout if you plan to have one (ditto on a fish fry), a final dinner celebration, a potluck with new friends in the camp, and so forth. As you mentally prepare your food plan, note special diets in the group and picky eaters.

Be sure to make a list of items you already have and need to bring from home, items you prefer to pick up when you get to your destination, items you’ll want to get at [...]

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