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5 Reasons Fall is the Best RV Camping Season

Summer might just be overrated

Summer is a popular time to camp, but we’re here to argue that fall is in fact the best season for RV camping. Bring on the cooler mornings, changing colors, and crowd free parks. We’re hitting the road this fall.

Reason #1: Fall Colors

You probably guessed this one right off the bat. However, there is just nothing quite so spectacular as fall foliage. You do not get the same hues any other time of the year. A tip for enjoying the foliage – the smaller the road you travel, the more stunning the view. The back roads are transformed into a kaleidoscope of colorful leafy tunnels. Leave the highway behind, and head out to back country to be amazed.

Reason #2: Room to breathe

Roads, trailheads, campgrounds, tourist towns – they all are far less crowded in the fall than in the summer. Even in some of the most popular destinations, you will have far more room to breathe in the fall. Not only that, but you can often save on camping fees in many locations in the fall.

Reason #3: Get cozy

There is something romantic and soothing about cool evenings and mornings. The campfire and the first cup of hot coffee become your best friend (as well as your favorite blanket). While tent campers may find the season less comfortable, with an RV to travel in it’s easy to brave the chilly nights. Not only that, but you’ll find far fewer bugs than in the summer months.

Reason #4: Festivals Galore

From state fairs, to pumpkin patches, to corn mazes, there are fall festivals to be taken in in just about every town. There’s an innate charm to festivals in the farm, from the hot cider to the abundance of pumpkins and corn stalks. Get creative with campfire apple recipes after picking in an orchard, and spend an afternoon getting lost in a corn maze.

Reason #5: Best time to buy

If you’re just starting your RV journey, fall is a great season to purchase an RV. This time of year new models are coming out, and it’s often possible to get a good deal on a previous season’s model or used RV.

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