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5 Simple Ways to Make your RV Feel like Home

5 Simple Ways to Make your RV Feel like Home

When you’re on the road, your RV is your home away from home. However, many of us haven’t taken those extra steps to make it truly feel like home. There are 5 simple ways to make your RV feel like home. Follow these steps and you may never want to return to your actual home!

#1 Add wall decor

Those bare walls give your RV a generic and cold feel. Adding decor to the walls warms up the space and adds your personality. Concerned about these shifting and falling off the wall while in transit? Command hooks and velcro can work wonders. You can also find many decals that will stick right onto the wall – just make sure to get the kind that is also easily removable! Such decals are both affordable and reusable.

#2 Add curtains

Those valances that came with your RV may look nice, but curtains are a quick way to make the space more cozy. Use lightweight, adjustable curtain rods and add a pop of color or pattern to the RV. Finding curtains the right length may be a bit of a challenge, but curtains can easily be hemmed to the right length.

#3 Add rugs

The vinyl floors of most RVs are wonderful when it comes to durability and ease of cleaning. However, nobody likes a cold floor when they first put their feet down in the morning. Add a few small area rugs, especially by the beds, for a cozy homelike feel – as well as some added color.

#4 Add pillows and blankets

Nothing says home like a few throw pillows and blankets. Once again, these accessories can take your RV from blas̩ to personalized. Add texture and color to the otherwise nondescript decor, and even add some seasonal touches. Make sure you use blankets that are easy to wash Рthey will likely end up being used around the campfire as well!

#5 Add a coat of paint

Compared to the previous tips, this tip is a bit more labor intensive. However, a coat of paint can make a dramatic difference – especially if your RV has been around the block a few times! Painting the walls and cabinets white can make the space seem much larger. You can add a pop of color here or there to reflect your personality. A darker color in the bedroom can make the room feel cozy – although remember lighter colors always translate as larger spaces.

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