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5 Ways an RV turns up the romance

5 Ways an RV Turns up the Romance

At its core, the term ‘romantic’ is all about feeling, and atmosphere. It is about the connection between two people who love each other very much. It is simply about connecting with the one you love, creating an atmosphere of intimacy and happiness, and showing your loved one that you really care. An RV vacation can be the perfect way to create this feeling and atmosphere.

Looking to enhance the connection with your significant other? Consider investing in an RV for endless romantic opportunities. There are (more than!) 5 ways that an RV turns up the romance.


Let’s be honest, there are few things more romantic than spontaneity. An RV allows you to take off at the drop of a hat. You don’t have to worry about hotels, trains or planes. Simply grab a few essentials and hit the road for a quick romantic getaway.

Alone time

Having an RV allows you and your partner to truly get away from it all. Getting off the beaten track can mean some amazing wildlife encounters, as well as the chance to find a little romance. The two of you can be out in nature without the distraction of chores, to do lists, and other people. This seclusion allows you to connect in new and vital ways.

Let nature set the mood

Having an RV allows you to escape to the beauty of nature. When it comes to romantic and memorable settings, mother nature does it best. There is nothing more romantic than looking out over a sparkling ocean on a calm summer’s day, or up at sparkling stars wheeling through the night sky above your heads. A sunrise or sunset can perfectly set the tone for romance. One of the things people commonly say about RV vacations is that they see far more sunsets and sunrises than they have before. RV vacations really allows you to commune with nature in a way staying in hotels never does.

Adventure & Exploration

RV trips allow you and your partner to exercise your adventurous sides and explore new horizons. There is nothing like a good adventure to foster romance – as well as memories that will unite you for days and years to come. An RV vacation can put you in the path of many adventures – they lay in wait around practically every corner on the road!

Get lost & forget the time

Watching the clock can be the antithesis of romance. On an RV vacation, you are in control, so you can forget the clock and scheduling everything down to the last minute. Instead, you can enjoy the spontaneous fun of discovering new things and making mistakes together. Even if things go wrong (which they will sometimes do), that can often be a bonding experience that you will look back on fondly.

This Valentine’s Day, instead of the expensive flowers and dinner, why not plan an RV getaway for you and your partner?

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