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6 Ways to Show Your RV Love

6 Ways to Show Your RV Love Without Breaking the Bank

Your RV deserves a little love

In this month of love, consider sprinkling a little on your RV as well. Your RV has given you countless memories over the many miles you’ve traveled together. However, if you’ve been adventuring together for awhile, chances are your RV needs a little bit of love. Check out these 6 ways to show your RV love – without breaking the bank. Your RV will be in tip top shape for many more adventures come summer.

#1 Paint – and then more paint

Many of the surfaces of your RV can benefit vastly from a coat of paint. You can paint cabinets, walls, furniture, and even floors and countertops. A fresh coat of pain can breathe a lot of life into the space while also updating the look. Sticking to light and bright colors will keep the RV feeling open and spacious.

If you don’t want to go to the hard work of sanding down wood furniture, look into using chalk paint for good coverage. Otherwise, you will probably want to rent a paint sprayer for the weekend to make sure you get good and smooth coverage.

#2 Remove the wallpaper border

We’re not sure why, but the wallpaper border is a fixture on many RV’s. Removing this border is a quick way to vastly improve the look without much monetary investment. For easy removal, spray the border with a product like Goof Off and let it soak in before trying to pull it off. Removing the border may take a little elbow grease, but this little bit of love is well worth the effort.

#3 Replace the furniture

If chairs or couches are starting to show their years of adventure, it may be time to order some replacements. Sometimes a sofa cover or chair cover can breathe new life into furniture for a few more years. However, there does come a point when replacement is called for. IKEA has a great selection of space-saving and lightweight furniture that won’t break the bank.

#4 Add a backsplash to the kitchen

A backsplash is a quick and easy way to modernize the look of the kitchen. This step is now much easier thanks to new products on the market. There are peel and stick backsplash sheets that are cost effective and easy to install. You can easily match whatever color scheme you’re going for and add a bright pop to your kitchen space.

#5 Update the Valances

The valance fabric from many moons ago is likely dating your RV. Show a little love by taking down and recovering the valances with new fabric. Simply grab a staple gun and affix the new material on the old valances.

Another way to update your windows is to ditch the valances altogether and install curtains. Curtains give a more homey feel to your RV, and can also add more light-blocking for a cozy sleeping environment.

#6 Update the countertops

Chances are you don’t have a huge amount of countertop space in your RV. Consequently, it is not terribly expensive to replace the countertops. However, if you’re looking for an even more cost effective way to update your countertops, there are many paints that are designed specifically for counters. While you may not want to experiment with those in your home, the RV is the perfect place to try out something new. For some of you, anything would be better than your current countertop surfaces.

Bonus – get your RV serviced!

One of the best ways to show your RV love is letting the experts service it. Bring your RV in today for a lot of love from the experts at All Seasons RV.

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