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Adventure through State Parks

Adventure through State Parks with the Geocaching Adventure Lab App

Up your adventure at State Parks

This summer you can add a little adventure to your State Park visit with a simple app. Adventure Lab is a free location-based digital treasure hunt for all ages. The app is designed similar to existing geocaching activities, and will guide you throughout 10 Washington state parks in Island county as you solve questions using physical features within the landscape. With this new kind of interactive experience, you can safely discover the world around you while touching only your mobile phone.

How do I participate?

All you need to do to participate is download the app onto your phone! Once in the app, you simply need to scroll down the lists of parks to find the one you’re visiting. Signing up is simple. You can create an account for free in just a matter of minutes. The app then guides you through the process of finding clues, solving puzzles and completing Adventures one location at a time.

These Adventures are a great way for you and your family to experience each participating park. There is no time limit, and you can come back on another day to finish the experience if your visit is cut short. Which park will you adventure through first this summer? Check out a list of parks that have an adventure below.

Participating Parks

  • Cama Beach Park: Come see the iconic 1930s resort-era cabins and walk the trails to learn more about this park’s history.
  • Camano Island State Park: Learn about how the park was built in a day in the 1940s and discover some of its features.
  • Deception Pass: This Adventure will take you back in time to learn about how this park was established in the early 1900s during one of our country’s toughest eras.
  • Joseph Whidbey State Park: Learn about the park’s namesake, how people recreate at Joseph Whidbey and explore the shoreline.
  • Ebey’s Landing: Walk the bluff top and discover why people have been drawn to this place for thousands of years.
  • Fort Ebey State Park: Learn about the unique history of this park and its role in Puget Sound’s coastal defense in the early years of World War II.
  • Fort Casey: Travel back in time to learn what it was like to be a coastal defense soldier during the World Wars and what it was like to be a lighthouse keeper.
  • Keystone Spit: Learn about how the spit was formed over time and enjoy a walk near the water.
  • South Whidbey State Park: Explore one of the last remnants of old-growth forest on Whidbey Island.
  • Possession Point State Park: Visit the southernmost point on Whidbey Island where you will learn about ecosystems and see views of Puget sound.
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