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Apps to plan your next RV trip

Are you dreaming of summer RV road trips already? Due to all the restrictions with COVID-19 in the past two years, many have discovered the freedom and the wonder of an RV vacation. If you’re looking for the best routes for your summer getaway, there are many free resources that may come in handy. Most navigation apps have a car in mind, so it is helpful to use RV specific resources. Some of our favorites are listed below.

RV Trip Wizard

With RV Trip Wizard, you can find your ideal campground, plan out your entire road trip and calculate all your costs along the way, including fuel, fees, food and even fun.

Here are just a few benefits of RV Trip Wizard:

  • Multiple device friendly interface – you can use it on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  • You can tailor your preferences. For example, you can prioritize those campgrounds that you have a membership at.
  • Loads of useful information like where to find free overnight parking and local recreation activities.
  • You can either download your plan to print, or download it to your GPS.

Check out just one review of the service:

“If you are worried about low bridges on your trip or where the best, low cost parks are, worry no more because this App is absolutely the best RV trip planner out there. We’ve tried them all and this ones smokes them all. Spot on! If you have a smart phone or a tablet, RV Trip Wizard works with either, we absolutely rely on it and would not leave our home without planning our route with this tool first.”

RV Life’s Campground Reviews

If you’re looking to get honest and useful feedback on campgrounds, then you’ll want to check out RV Life’s Campground Reviews. This website provides insider info on over 20,000 RV campgrounds and parks spread across the United States. This tool is not specifically a route planner, but will give you critical information about places you’re considering staying. In addition to helpful reviews, this site will also give you additional information such as things to do in the area, places to eat and more.


If you are looking to discover the hidden gems hiding just off the beaten path, Roadtrippers allows you to fill your journey with unforgettable stops found along the way. This smartphone app aids you in planning a cool, unique trip unlike any other. Some of our favorite features include:

  • Fuel cost calculator
  • Ability to set the distance you’re willing to travel off your route
  • Ability to book your stay directly from the app
  • Ability to search for destinations based on useful general and sub-categories

Check out a review:

“Never have I ever felt it necessary to review an app, be it good or bad. However, this app is so incredible that I felt obligated to tell everyone. I’ve told all my friends to download it and I’m telling all you strangers to download it. It’s SOOOO helpful. I did a road trip from CT to TN to TX to Nola to NC back to CT.. and I used it everyday for the entire trip. It offers so many things to do… everything from museums to abandoned houses that make for fun photo ops.”

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