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Become a State Park Campground Host

Become a State Park Campground Host

Are you starting to plan your summer travels yet? Would you like to spend an extended time at a State Park this summer? Looking for a way to use your RV to give back? Did you know that you could become a State Park Campground Host?

What is a campground host?

Many camp hosts are living the dream. They sign on for one to three months each at a lineup of parks, and they work 28 hours a week for their campsite. Camp host duties could mean cleaning campsites, assisting park aides, gardening, answering questions, doing handiwork, running educational programs and recommending activities.

How do you become a campground host?

Camp hosts must have a background check. The application process, which includes fingerprinting, takes up to two months. Otherwise, all that’s required is an RV and a good attitude, says Volunteer Program Manager Cindy Jorgensen.

New and returning hosts may attend a spring training called “Camporee,” where Parks interpretive specialists, historic preservationists and archaeologists answer rookie questions. Freshman hosts use Camporee to meet rangers recruiting for their parks.

Other volunteer opportunities

Still doing the 8 to 5 grind? Not ready to live in 200 square feet? Hosts are not the only volunteers you’ll find in Washington state parks. Workplace philanthropy programs, Friends and community groups and individuals make up the bulk of the volunteer cadre.

More than 9,100 people volunteered more than 200,000 hours in state parks in 2018. Only 514 were camp hosts, though that group gave a whopping 119,000 hours. Volunteers clean facilities, work in park offices, stage community events and much more.

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