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Bike Safety for Campers

Bring the bike, bring the fun

There’s no better way to increase your kid’s enthusiasm for camping than to add bike riding to the mix. When you head out in your camper, don’t forget to pack the family bikes – especially if you’re staying at a campground with bike trails nearby. Bikes can give kids a sense of independence and fun around the campground. Not to mention, a bike ride is a great way to burn some extra energy – while adults can enjoy a bit of quiet and conversation. However, if your kids are biking around a campground there are a few safety rules to remember.

Have the right equipment

When we’re on vacation, we sometimes become a bit more lax about the rules we insist on following at home and on city streets. However, the right equipment is absolutely necessary for a safe biking experience. First of all, you must protect that most valuable asset – your head. Make sure helmets are worn (correctly) at all times, and make sure your helmet isn’t in need of replacing.

While helmets are the first and most important piece of safety equipment, lights are also very important. In the dusky evening hours, or even just in a shady campground, a light can save a life. Make sure all of your family bikes are equipped with rear and front lights.

Follow the rules of the road

Teach your kids that just because you’re on two wheels instead of four does NOT mean you can ignore the rules of the road. Many RV parks have one way circular drives, which should also be obeyed by bikers. Your kids should be familiar with different road signs and how to obey them on bike. Helping your kids master this skill is as simple as heading out on a ride with them, and explaining what you’re doing and why.

Be aware of blind spots

One of the dangers of biking at the campground is the fact that many RVs and big rigs have very large blind spots. Consequently, you must be alert, observant and extremely cautious when riding around. Before sending your kids out on a bike ride have a conversation about blind spots. Teach them to look for brake lights and other signals that a vehicle might be backing up, and how much distance is a safe distance to give a rig.

Riding bikes at the campground is a terrific outdoor activity. Just be safe – and have fun!

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