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The Favorite Nighttime Pastime

Stargazing while camping ranks right up there with campfires and s’mores when it comes to nighttime activities. However, if you want to make the most of stargazing while camping there are a few tips and recommendations to follow for the best possible experience. So read on and get ready for some nighttime gazing.

The Best Places to Stargaze

The best places to stargaze are areas with the least amount of light pollution. Consequently, when choosing a camping location for the best stargazing you will want to choose a place as far as possible from large cities. In addition, especially if you’re staying at a campground with others, you’re going to want to put some distance between you and that campground. Even the small amount of light pollution from campfires, lanterns, and RVs [...]

RV Family Packing List Hit the road with the family

You have likely already started to dream about and plan for your summer RV travels. If you’re planning on hitting the road with the whole family this summer, it’s important to think through your packing list. Here are a few tips when making the RV family packing list to make sure everybody is ready and stocked to have a great time.

Attire Clothing

Kids tend to get dirty, especially when camping. None of us want to over pack, but with little ones in tow, it’s wise to have a couple outfits a day for a least a five day period. It’s wise to use laundromats on the road to lessen the amount you pack; however, laundromats may not always be easily accessible. Pack items that are easily interchangeable [...]

The Health Benefits of Camping Take care of yourself – go camping!

Camping is fun, an adventure, exciting, and memorable. But more than all these things, it holds incredible health benefits. Those who take the time to get away and get outside will find numerous positive effects on both their mental and physical well-being.

Reducing stress

Getting away from the day to day demands of our routine life can greatly reduce stress. Camping takes you away from the stress of traffic, a house needing repairs and the noise and bustle of the city. It is an opportunity to rest and refresh, and has an almost instantaneous effect on stress hormones.

Relational Connectedness

Camping allows you to connect relationally to others in a way that is becoming increasingly rare today. With the removal of technology and other daily distractions, [...]

Should you get a camping membership? The Camping Membership Dilemma

As camping season approaches, many new and old RV owners are trying to decide whether they should invest in a camping membership. At first glance, these memberships can seem quite lucrative and like a great deal – however, they won’t work for everyone. Read on for tips on how to decide whether or not a membership is a smart choice for you.

Two Different Options

There are two basic options when it comes to savings for camping. The first is a membership. Members-only campgrounds are exclusive and only open to people who pay their dues. This exclusivity tends to go along with clean campgrounds with many amenities.

Alternatively, you can join a rewards or loyalty program at campgrounds that are open to the public (KOA for example). [...]

RV Spring Maintenance Checklist Check it off before you take off

If you properly stored your RV during the winter, then hopefully there is not a great deal of maintenance to be done on your rig come spring. However, there is an important checklist to make sure that your RV operates smoothly and safely. Crossing off this list will help your first trip of the season to be a success.

Don’t have time to perform the maintenance tasks yourself? We’re happy to help! Contact our service department today and beat the spring rush.

Spring Maintenance Checklist
  • Batteries: It’s likely you removed your batteries during the winter. It is also likely that your batteries lost charge during their winter hibernation. Batteries discharge up to 10% a month in winter storage. Fully charge your batteries again before carefully [...]
Spring Camping Tips Spring Camping Essentials

At the first sight of spring, many of us are itching to get outdoors. We are all suffering from a little bit of cabin fever at this point. However, before you throw your gear in a bag and fire up the RV, there are a few pertinent tips to help guarantee your spring camping trip is a success. Camping failures tend to add to the family lore, but that still doesn’t mean we want to purposefully set out to fail.

Dry runs are important

If you’re a true outdoor enthusiast, then your Christmas wish list likely included a slew of new camping gear and gadgets. No matter how much research you did on your shiny new accessories, it is still important to do a dry run with gear at home before [...]

Don’t overlook storage

When shopping for an RV, it’s easy to become enamored by shiny surfaces and luxury finishes. However, one of the critical components that should weigh into your purchase decision is the available storage. Yes, it really is that important. The amount and type of storage can truly make or break an RV trip. Read on to learn just how important RV storage is – and what to look for.

It’s all about balance

Many RV’s will list their storage in terms of cubic feet. However, it’s important to not just use the cubic feet measurement to judge the space. The storage location and accessibility play crucial roles for the comfort and safety of your trip. It’s important to recognize that the size and positioning of your storage can affect the safety and balance [...]

Create a Romantic RV Valetine's Day Skip the Crowds

This year, skip the crowded and overpriced restaurants. If you have an RV, you have the perfect setting for romance. This year, plan a romantic RV Valentine’s day. You can go super simple (just dinner in the RV) or up it with a little getaway. We’ve got the recipe for romance right here.

Setting the mood

Regardless of whether you get away to a romantic vista, or stay parked in your driveway, you’ll want to plan a romantic dinner. Set the mood with candles and those Christmas lights you’ve been meaning to put away. Sprinkle some real (or fake) flower petals. Add some cozy blankets and pillows for full relaxation. Getting out of your house even for a few hours (and perhaps away from the kids?) is always [...]

Animal Encounters - How to stay safe Know before you go

Whether you’re a winter explorer, or you’re planning your spring and summer excursions, it’s important to have well-rounded preparation. Most of us remember to pack snacks, water, and necessary clothing. However, do you know what to do when you encounter wildlife in the midst of your outdoor exploration? Read on to learn how to stay safe during various animal encounters.

We’re going on a bear hunt

Actually, we hope you’re not. Bears are not to be messed with, and should not be hunted down. However, there is a chance you could encounter a bear unintentionally out on the trail. Bears are found on a vast part of the Northwest, and our trails just so happen to encroach on their land. So what should you do if [...]

Resolve to Add S'more Healthy Treats Healthy Resolutions

It’s the start of the New Year, and many of us are embracing (or re-embracing) healthy resolutions. If you’re hoping to carry those resolutions all the way to the campfire, we have some delicious alternatives to the campfire classic. Instead of traditional s’mores, try some of these new (healthier) alternatives.

Strawberry S’mores Treat
  • Fresh strawberries
  • 1 jar marshmallow fluff
  • Graham cracker crumbs
  • Chocolate sauce

Try this fresh, fruity take on the classic. Place a whole strawberry on a roasting stick and dip it in marshmallow fluff. Roast it until the fluff turns golden brown. Roll the toasted berry in graham cracker crumbs and drizzle with chocolate sauce.

Roasted Pineapple

For an even simpler and healthier treat, grab a pineapple and some cinnamon. Simply cut the pineapple into [...]

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