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Bringing your best friend

For many people, your dog is your best friend. Consequently, it’s no surprise that many people like to bring their dogs along on hiking adventures. In fact, our four legged counterparts might enjoy the adventures even more than we do. However, before you hit the state parks with your dog, there are a few important things to consider and remember.

Leashes are not optional

It doesn’t matter how well trained your dog is, or how friendly and in love with people and creatures he is – the leash rules are there for a reason and must be adhered to. While you may be fully confident in your dog, you do not know who or what you may encounter on the trail.

There are those on the trail who have fears and previous [...]

It’s time to go home

Let’s be honest, no one loves the conclusion of a vacation. Especially if that vacation is spent enjoying the wonderful and beautiful great outdoors. However, packing up a campsite is a reality that must be faced by all RVers, unpleasant as it may be. With a few simple tips, though, you can efficiently and effectively pack up your campsite.

Designate clear roles

It is helpful to have a pack up checklist (we’ll include a basic one below) for your family and your rig. Having a list allows you to clearly divvy up the tasks between whoever is on the current camping adventure. The night before you leave, it’s smart to have a family meeting to discuss who will be responsible for each item on the checklist. If you laminate your checklist, you [...]

Camping at State Parks - Tips for your first time New interest in the great outdoors

There is nothing quite like the peace and serenity of the great outdoors. However, camping in the parks can be a bit overwhelming the first time. If you’re new to state park camping, read on for some helpful tips.

Reservations & Check-in

Reservations are an absolute must – hopefully you already got those secured! For popular destinations, you will want to make reservations as soon as they open. Check in procedures will vary by campground, but typically campsite check-in opens at 2:30pm and check-out is at 1pm. Early arrival is generally not encouraged. Staff and volunteers need time to clean and prepare your campsite. If you’re early, a discover pass will allow you to park in the day use section of the [...]

Take the whole crew!

Now you can bring the whole family, and a few friends too. This brand new 2022 model is a double entry bunk model that sleeps up to nine people comfortably. The outside camp kitchen works so well for feeding the masses while traveling. The walk-in closet or pantry is conveniently placed by the rear entry for all of your storage needs. This bunk model will suit your every need while out on the road.

Rockwood trailers are packed full of quality features in order to bring to you one of the best values in the light weight market. There are spacious flush floor slides, comfortable stylish sofas and wide dinettes for you and [...]

Bring the bike, bring the fun

There’s no better way to increase your kid’s enthusiasm for camping than to add bike riding to the mix. When you head out in your camper, don’t forget to pack the family bikes – especially if you’re staying at a campground with bike trails nearby. Bikes can give kids a sense of independence and fun around the campground. Not to mention, a bike ride is a great way to burn some extra energy – while adults can enjoy a bit of quiet and conversation. However, if your kids are biking around a campground there are a few safety rules to remember.

Have the right equipment

When we’re on vacation, we sometimes become a bit more lax about the rules we insist on following at home and on city streets. However, [...]

RV Friendly National Parks

There are so many amazing national parks, it can be hard to choose one to visit. If you’re traveling in an RV, though, there are some parks that are friendlier and easier to visit than others. Check out our list of RV friendly National Parks and start planning your travel for this and future summers.

Badlands National Park

Badlands National Park posts otherworldly scenery – you may feel like you’ve been dropped in another planet. There is much to take in here, and the park is easily traversed with your RV. The hills are limited, the roads well developed, wide and easy to navigate. Trailhead parking lots are quite spacious, big enough to fit just about any rig.

Everglades National Park

With 1.5 million acres to be explored, the Everglades National Park is [...]

All about RV Batteries Why you need to know

If you own an RV, it is quite important that you familiarize yourself with the batteries. You also want to become aware of all the different options, as well as the drawbacks and benefits of each. Learning these pros and cons can help you make the best battery choice for your RV and extend its lifetime.

Different Types of RV batteries

If you ever need to replace a battery in your RV and you want to do the work yourself, it’s important to know the different types of batteries. The specific battery types will depend on the specific components of your RV. For example, if you can drive your RV and use home appliances, it will come with more than one kind of battery to perform both functions [...]

Solitary bliss

There is a time for people, and a time to be alone. Some of us long to enjoy the serenity of the outdoors in a solitary manner. No one else’s pace to keep up with – or slow us down. No sounds other than the sounds of nature. No agenda but our own. With many well maintained trails to choose from in Washington, solo hiking can be a great summertime activity. However, if you’re going to hit the trail solo there are a few tips to adhere to to make sure you make it safely in and out.

Notify Someone

You may hit the trail alone, but someone should know when and where you’re going. Give a detailed itinerary to friends and family, including where you’re hiking and when you anticipate both starting and [...]

Bring on the season of camping

With Memorial Day just around the corning, many of us are preparing to take our RV out on its maiden voyage of the year. However, just like you take your sweet time waking up from a long nap, there’s a process to follow in “waking up” your RV. Get your RV ready for the summer travel ahead by following these tips.

Time for a shower

Whether your rig has been in storage, or hiding under a tarp, after winter there is probably a decent amount of accumulated dirt and grime on your RV. Your first step in getting your RV ready for summer is a thorough wash and wax. The most efficient way to clean an RV is to start with the top and work your way down. Always make [...]

Tips to Avoid Summer Crowds Long lines at the park?

Most of us head to the parks to get away from it all. We’re looking for rejuvenation and reconnection with nature. Jam-packed crowds and long lines have a way of quickly deflating the mood at a National Park. You could choose to only travel during the off-season, but for many, that may not be possible. If you’re hoping to hit up the National Parks this summer, follow these tips to avoid the crowds.

Go on a weekday

Many people escape to a National Park on a weekend. Consequently, for the fewest crowds try to avoid visiting Friday-Sunday. Use weekend days to visit other local attractions, or as a rest and recuperation day at the campsite. Plan to be in the park on the less popular weekdays.

Plan [...]
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