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Campfire Cooking for Foodies

Campfire Cooking for Foodies

Foodies love camping too

Loving the great outdoors does not eliminate your love of gourmet cooking as well. However, fine dining can be more challenging when cooking in an RV or over a campfire. However, with a little bit of planning and creativity you too can perfect gourmet campfire cooking.

Make ahead and freeze

OK, so there are some things that are just a wee bit difficult when in the great outdoors to throw together. For example, if you’re looking to pull off an exquisite pasta dish, that complicated sauce may be a bit much. However, many sauces can be made from the comfort of your home kitchen and then frozen for quick prep over the campfire. This technique also works great for soups. Cut the mess in the RV or campsite by making that big pot of chili at home then freezing it.

Cheese makes all things better

A good cheese can take any dish from common to extraordinary. Hard cheeses tend to pack and keep well, and can add that perfect twist or touch to take your dish to the next level. In addition to being a helpful ingredient in many dishes, cheese can also be a heart filling snack.

Ghee is your new best friend

We all love butter and there are instances when you don’t want to sub it. However, ghee can be your best friend when camping. Ghee is clarified butter, meaning all the lactose has been removed. Consequently, you can get away with not refrigerating it for a week. It has fabulous flavor from topping your toast to serving as a sub for cooking oil.

Fresh is best

When looking for the tastiest food, always opt for fresh fruits and veggies as opposed to dried ones. Not only are they cheaper, but they also have more nutritional value. Take the time to plan out the fresh ingredients you need and to pack them well.

Tools of the trade

A few tools are a must for cooking gourmet out in nature:

  • Cast-iron skillet. This is heavy and cumbersome, but an absolute must and your best friend for campfire cooking.
  • Insulated work gloves. These are much more useful for handling said pan and any pieces of firewood that need to be moved.
  • Heat-proof utensils. We prefer heat proof silicone utensils that are easy to clean and not too heavy. You’ll want a spoon, spatula and tongs.
  • Cutting board and knives. If you’re cooking fresh these are a must.

What will your next gourmet meal over the fire be?

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