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Tips for Hiking with Dogs Bring along your best friend

Fall is one of the most popular hiking seasons, and for good reason. As you head out to enjoy the incredible foliage, you may be tempted to bring along your four legged best friend. Hiking with your pooch can be a great activity for both of you, but there are a few tips to keep in mind before you hit the trail.

Check the rules

Different trails have different regulations when it comes to dogs. On many trails dogs are allowed if they are leashed, but there are some trails they are prohibited. Hiking on a prohibited trail with your dog could result in an expensive fine. Before you drive an hour for a hike, make sure your dog is allowed.

Keep your dog leashed

Regardless of [...]


If we’ve learned anything the past few months it’s how vital the outdoors is to our physical, emotional and mental health. Fortunately, trails and parks have begun to open up again. We want to see them remain open, which means it’s important to #recreateresponsibly as we head back to the great outdoors.

The newly formed Washington Recreate Responsibly Coalition has put together six simple tips to follow as we enjoy our natural surroundings in the time of coronavirus. Following these tips will help prevent the spread of the virus.

Tip #1: Know before you go

Before you head out for your adventure, check to make sure your destination is open. If it is closed, simply don’t go. If you arrive and it’s very crowded, opt for a plan B. This means you should have a plan B [...]

Tips for Hygienic Hiking

We’re all rejoicing on the re-opening up of outdoor recreation following Coronovirus restrictions. Trails and have started to open up again across Washington (for a list of open parks please visit here). However, in order to keep yourself and others healthy, there are some tips for hygienic hiking that are wise to follow. Before hitting the trails make sure you’re prepared to do that wisely and safely.

Tip #1 – Bring a face covering

When passing others closely or when in crowded areas, you will want some sort of mask or face covering to use. If you’re within 6 feet, cover-up. You can choose to use a cloth mask with elastic straps or ties, a bandana or a buff. For a bandana, fold a clean bandanna into a triangle, creating two layers of fabric, [...]

How to safely hike with COVID-19 Precautions

The precautions and restrictions recommended in response to the outbreak of COVID-19 seem to rapidly change each day. There are a few things that are clear:

  • It’s important to keep up with current government and CDC recommendations.
  • Social distancing is incredibly important at this time.
  • Time outdoors is still strongly recommended for personal health.

At the current moment, many state parks remain open for day visits. However, there are some changes to services. For example, many visitor centers and campgrounds may be closed to aid in social distancing. Before going anywhere to hike, it’s important to check the most up to date information about closures and restrictions. Washington State Parks is frequently updating their COVID-19 response.

Why Hiking is Recommended

There are many benefits to being outdoors in light of the current [...]

Fall Color Hikes in the North Cascades

The gold rush is on in the North Cascades. And let’s not forget red and orange, too.

Fall colors will peak in the next few weeks on mountain trails, and the clock is ticking before snow closes State Route 20, the North Cascades Highway. It’s arguably the best time of year to access some of the most beautiful trails in the state.

Along the spine of the North Cascades toward Central Washington, you’ll find a bonus too — large stands of alpine larch trees, which have needles like evergreens that turn a stunning gold in the fall.

“They only grow at higher elevations on the East Side,” Seifried said. Early season snow adds to the beauty of the turning larch trees, she added.

Now’s your last chance to hit the [...]

Must do Washington hikes for all skill levels

Washington has numerous stunning trails to explore. It’s easy to think that hiking is only for the super fit, but there are stunning views to be had by all hiking skill levels and ages. Check out some of our must do hikes for the summer below.

Beginner Hikes Franklin Falls

Franklin Falls Trail is a popular, easy hike that is only a few miles round trip and is easily accessible thanks to the paved road in and the ample parking lot. It is a perfect hike for the whole family, so feel free to bring kids, even the little ones. The path is clearly marked and had plenty of stopping points.

Deception Falls

Deception Falls Interpretive Trail is a 0.6 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Skykomish, [...]

Wildflower season may be drawing to a close in the Wenatchee valley, but it’s just getting ready to start near Mount Rainier. In fact, wildflowers can be seen here all the way through July. Can’t get enough of wildflowers and mountain peaks? Check out these five trails in the Mount Rainier area.

Reflection Lakes

You don’t have to venture far from the car to be dazzled by the scenery if you start your hike at Reflection Lakes. There are two approaches to Refection Lakes; the longer approach is from Paradise on the Lakes Trail – the shorter approach is from the Reflection Lakes trailhead on the Stevens Canyon Highway. If the wildflower displays are not enough to make you heady, there’s the postcard view of Mount Rainier.

Sheep Lake

This luminous gem is not only a [...]

Are there any Game of Thrones fans out there? Has anyone else fallen in love with the scenery on the show as well as the characters? The show may be coming to an end, but you can explore the Westeros in your very own state of Washington. You can find everything from the sandy beaches of the Dornish Peninsula to the fridgid wasteland of the Land of Always Winter. Why not bid farewell to the show by planning an RV trip around visiting the vast arrays of scenery found in the land of Westeros?

Dorne = Hanford Reach – North

Location: Central Washington — Tri-Cities
Length: 7.0 miles, roundtrip
Elevation Gain: 500 ft.
Best Season: All year

Sandy dunes … in Washington? Yep, we got ’em! Just like Westeros, Washington is home to our own small slice of arid, [...]

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