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Celebrate a Romantic RV Valentine’s Day

Create a Romantic RV Valetine's Day

Skip the Crowds

This year, skip the crowded and overpriced restaurants. If you have an RV, you have the perfect setting for romance. This year, plan a romantic RV Valentine’s day. You can go super simple (just dinner in the RV) or up it with a little getaway. We’ve got the recipe for romance right here.

Setting the mood

Regardless of whether you get away to a romantic vista, or stay parked in your driveway, you’ll want to plan a romantic dinner. Set the mood with candles and those Christmas lights you’ve been meaning to put away. Sprinkle some real (or fake) flower petals. Add some cozy blankets and pillows for full relaxation. Getting out of your house even for a few hours (and perhaps away from the kids?) is always a treat.

Feast for Two

If you and your partner enjoy cooking together, whip up an RV friendly meal for two. If you’re staying at a campground, consider cooking around a romantic fire. Or, to make the date super simple, grab your favorite takeout and enjoy it in the comfort of your RV.

Plan something sweet

Make sure you plan to end the meal with something sweet. If you have a fire going, consider banana boats with all the toppings. Or some of these other campfire desserts. Consider making a small fondue pot to dip cookies, fruit and pretzels in. Or whip up a batch of chocolate covered strawberries together.

Rekindle and Reminisce

Rekindle the romance by reminiscing. Take time to remember the beginning of your relationship and write down your love story. Want to add a funny twist? Do this mad-lib version of when boy meets girl. Bring a long a photo album (or scroll through your history on your phone). There’s nothing like remembering where you’ve come from and what you’ve gone through to spice things out.

Do a little stargazing

While cliché, an RV date night would not be complete without some stargazing. Make sure you pack pads to lay on and plenty of cozy blankets to snuggle up under. Wish on a star and be thankful that you got to spend a Valentine’s Day away from crazy busy restaurants!

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