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Choose a first day adventure

Choose a first day adventure - get outside January 1st

No formal first day hikes

Traditionally, State Parks have offered First Day Hikes for people to gather and recreate together on the first of the year. To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, this year there are no formal State Park First Day hikes. However, this doesn’t mean you’re stuck indoors! We challenge you to choose your own First Day outdoor adventure.

Free Park Day

January 1st is the first State Parks free day of 2021. That means you won’t need a Discover Pass to park when you, your family and /or household visit a park for the day. It’s a great day to visit one of the many State Parks for a hike, paddle, cycle, skiing excursion, snowshoe trek or horseback ride. Just stay with your household and bring your mask along!

Add a new twist

Looking to add a fun new twist to your outdoor adventure? Try a fun activity while you explore! Nature journaling, birdwatching, and geocaching are just a few of the fun ways to engage bodies and minds while exploring the outdoors. And they are great ways to get the kids engaged and excited about being outdoors!

Snow fun

Playing in the snow is a big part of the fun for many First Day Hikes enthusiasts! With any luck, we’ll have a good pack of it this Jan. 1, and the park groomers are ready! Don’t forget you will still need to register your snowmobiles and get your Sno-Park permits when you go out to play on New Year’s Day. Motorized, non-motorized and snow play fun await at Sno-parks around the state.

Where will you take your adventure January 1st this year?

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