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Easy RV Cooking

Tips for Easy Meals on the Road

Love camping but heat spending your vacation cooking? Follow these Easy RV Cooking for Tips on Easy Meals on the Road.

1. Plan your menus

Get out a calendar and figure out a meal plan for each day you’ll be away from home. Photocopy your calendar or daily planner and mark up the photocopy with the meals you have in mind, taking into consideration a kickoff dinner, a special breakfast or brunch, a cookout if you plan to have one (ditto on a fish fry), a final dinner celebration, a potluck with new friends in the camp, and so forth. As you mentally prepare your food plan, note special diets in the group and picky eaters.

Be sure to make a list of items you already have and need to bring from home, items you prefer to pick up when you get to your destination, items you’ll want to get at the store before you go, and don’t forget your spices! Premix and measure what you can. If any of your meals lend themselves to mixing ahead of time, measure out dry goods into Baggies and ID them with a permanent marker. As with spices, there is no need to bring a whole bag of flour or sugar if you’ll only be needing several cups.

2. One-dish meals

Whenever possible, choose one-dish or easy-to-prepare crockery cooker meals. Spaghetti (good noodles, a good jar of sauce, Parmesan cheese grated in advance), garlic bread, and a simple salad make a fabulous meal after a busy day. A pot of chili with plenty of fun condiments makes a festive dinner. Lasagna and casseroles baked ahead of time and frozen never fail. If it’s going to be chilly or cold, a bowl of hearty soup and some crusty bread go down perfectly. As you sketch out ideas for meals on your calendar, keep in mind that you’ll also want drinks and snacks for in-the-meantime munching.

3. Use your Crock Pot

Throwing meat and veggies in the slow cooker in the morning is an easy way to go. You’ll be thrilled when you come back to a yummy meal, all ready to go!

4. Leftovers!

Take advantage of leftovers and double-duty food. As you plan, get the most mileage you can out of ingredients or leftovers you might have on-hand or that you’ll create on your RV adventure. Try crumbling last night’s burgers over pita with feta for lunch, use leftover eggs for a frittata, or use your leftovers over biscuits.

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