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Explore State Parks with Gabby’s Dollhouse

Get kids excited to be outdoors

It’s not an uncommon scene. Mention a trip to a state park and your young kids start to roll their eyes. They would much rather sit in the AC watching their favorite characters on screen. However, this summer there’s a fun way to get your young ones excited about that State park visit. At participating Washington State Park locations, you can pick up a brochure that will allow your kids to explore the park with Gabby’s Dollhouse.

Gabby’s Dollhouse Brochure

This colorful brochure is packed with educational activities to keep your kids engaged with both the park and one of their favorite characters. You can either pick up the brochure at a participating location or you can download and print it yourself. Break away from screens this summer and head out to explore state parks! Heading out across the state on an RV trip? This brochure is also the perfect activity guide to keep hands and minds busy without screens during the drive time!

Participating Parks

  • Beacon Rock State Park
  • Olmstead Place Historical State Park
  • Fort Casey State Park
  • Alta Lake State Park
  • Ocean City State Park
  • Pearrygin Lake State Park
  • Sequim Bay State Park
  • Cama Beach Historical State Park
  • Moran State Park
  • Twanoh State Park
  • Flaming Geyser State Park
  • Seaquest State Park
  • Lincoln Rock State Park
  • Larrabee State Park
  • Washington State Parks Headquarters
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