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Get kids excited for summer camping

Struggling with tech addicted kids?

Does the mention of camping make your kids roll their eyes? Do you get lots of whining and complaining? Nowadays most of us are so addicted to technology, it can be difficult to step away. The thought of going somewhere with no access to video games and the internet can be downright frightening for some kids. However, we are all also aware of the numerous benefits of time in the great outdoors. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of tips for how to get kids excited about camping.

#1 Pack Board Games

It’s time to go back to the good old board or card games instead of video games. Instead of outright banning all gaming on your trip, offer games played face to face with others. There are endless options for different ages and skill levels. A trip to the store pre-camping trip to let your kid pick out a new family game may go a long way towards increasing the excitement.

#2 Involve Your Kids in Decisions

All sit down together to look at different camping locations. Let your kids have a voice in the planning process (within reason). The more involved they are in the dreaming, imagining and prep, the more excited they will be for the trip. Find out what excites your kids most for camping. Is it fishing? Swimming? Campfire s’mores? Hikes through the woods? Find a location well-suited to their favorites.

#3 Invite Friends and Family

When it comes to camping, the more the merrier. The opportunity to socialize with friends while camping will often appease the most device dependent kid. You can invite another family to join you on your adventure, or allow your child to pick one or two friends to come along.

#4 Menu Plan & Cook Together

Food is something that everyone can get excited about. Before heading to the grocery store for your camping menu, sit down with your kids and discuss what meals would be fun to make together. If your kids are involved in the planning process, there will be less complaining when it comes time to sit down and eat. Kids will also be more excited to consume things that they helped to prepare.

#5 Encourage Getting Dirty

When you’re bustling from activity to activity at home, getting dirty and messy is often an inconvenience. Camping is a great opportunity to slow life down and encourage getting messy. Go tromp through that creek, or splash in the mud puddle. Dash up sand dunes and climb a tree. It won’t be long before kids discovering getting dirty and exploring the great outdoors is way better than a video game.

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