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Historic Sites at State Parks

Rothschild House

Are you a history buff? Are you looking to dig into Washington state history? Many of the state parks offer opportunities for historical exploration. Washington state parks feature a wide range of historic properties representing major themes of state history. These properties connect visitors to our heritage in a meaningful way, providing a tangible link to our past. Washington State Parks manages more than 600 identified historic properties throughout the state, one of the largest collections managed by a single agency in the state of Washington.

These historic sites include early settlement heritage sites like the Rothschild House and the John R. Jackson house. The John R. Jackson house was actually the very first state park in Washington, and where the First U.S. District Court held north of the Columbia River convened in November 1850.

You can also explore many coastal fortifications at state parks, as well as buildings constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression.

Click to learn more about the historic sites to be explored at Washington state parks. Which one are you most eager to see? Make your plans and reservations for this summer today!

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