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Host an Event at a State Park

Host an Event at a State Park

The perfect event backdrop

A State Park can provide the perfect stunning backdrop for your next event. Whether you’re planning a wedding, an anniversary party, a retirement celebration or other event, a State Park may be just the perfect environment. However, there are some special considerations to keep in mind if you’re planning on celebrating on State Park land. Read on to learn more.

State Park Event Considerations

  1. What will be provided? When you host events at more traditional venues the venue will often offer inclusive or for rent furniture, linens, decorations, and other event accessories. The offerings at a State Park may be limited. This means that you may have to rent things like tables and chairs from somewhere else. When planning your event, you need to budget for additional rentals and delivery of such items. You will also need to coordinate how delivery and set-up will work with the state park.
  2. Is there an access fee for guests? If passes are required for the state park, then your guests will likely need a pass in order to enter. You will need to communicate these details to guests ahead of time. You may consider paying for the fee, or renting a bus for people to enter the park.
  3. Are there any rules to be aware of? Public parks often have special rules and regulations, especially when it comes to time, alcohol use, and guest count. You will want to familiarize yourself with all regulations to determine whether the park is an appropriate location for your gathering.
  4. How will food be served? Many State Parks do not have full kitchens accessible for your use. If you are planning on hosting a meal at the park, you need to inquire as to rules and regulations for outside food consumption and preparation.
  5. What permits are needed? For some types of events, you may need to file for permits in advance. This should be one of your first questions when planning an event to ensure you have permits in place in time.
  6. Are you ok being in public? Public parks are just that…public. Consequently, you will need to be ok with the fact that there may be some uninvited onlookers to your gathering. You can ask the State Park whether the area of your event will be closed off and how much access other park guests will have.
  7. Which park is best? The only thing left to decide is which state park is the perfect backdrop for your gathering!

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