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How Camping can Improve your Health

The Health Benefits of Camping

Take care of yourself – go camping!

Camping is fun, an adventure, exciting, and memorable. But more than all these things, it holds incredible health benefits. Those who take the time to get away and get outside will find numerous positive effects on both their mental and physical well-being.

Reducing stress

Getting away from the day to day demands of our routine life can greatly reduce stress. Camping takes you away from the stress of traffic, a house needing repairs and the noise and bustle of the city. It is an opportunity to rest and refresh, and has an almost instantaneous effect on stress hormones.

Relational Connectedness

Camping allows you to connect relationally to others in a way that is becoming increasingly rare today. With the removal of technology and other daily distractions, you are able to connect to others in a more intentional and focused way. Camping also fosters shared experience and memories that builds a strong relational foundation.

Physical Activity

Camping encourages physical activity that will stretch your strength and endurance in ways you don’t encounter inside of the gym – and the view is pretty great while you do it. From hiking to kayaking to climbing to setting up a campsite, there are numerous physical activities waiting to be explored outdoors.

Vitamin D

The sun heals, but on an average day, most of us don’t get enough of it. Camping sends us outside where the sun can do its magic. Vitamin D has a host of health benefits like calcium retention, bone strength, inflammation reduction, and numerous other cellular functions.

Better Eating

Camping tends to remove us from fast food and overly processed foods. We get back to the basics with basic food groups simply prepared. We are away from the indulgences that can constantly tempt us, and limited to just the (hopefully healthy) foods we packed in our bags.

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