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How to Beat the Heat in your RV

Tips and Tricks for RVers

The dog days of summer are here and that means one thing, prime camping season is here too. RVs can get extremely hot when the temperatures are on the rise. If you ever walked inside an RV that is sitting in the direct sunlight on a hot summer day you know exactly what we’re talking about. Summertime means fun in the sun, but to make your summer camping trips the best they can be, this guide will help you prepare yourself and your RV to deal with the heat.

Here are a few summer camping tips to help you beat the heat. Summer RVing
• Always park your RV to take advantage of any shade that is available, especially on the side where the refrigerator vent is located. When you check in at the campground ask for a site in the shade. This not only helps cool the exterior of the RV down, but your refrigerator and roof A/C will work much better too.

• You can also improve the air conditioners efficiency by keeping the filters clean. Some RV air conditioner filters can be cleaned by washing them in warm soapy water, or you can clean the filters with a small hand-held vacuum cleaner. The best bet though is to keep some new filters on hand in the event the old filters have seen better days.

• Another way to help keep the RV cool is to use your main patio awning and any window awnings to create some shade. In addition to using the awnings your window blinds, curtains or day/night shades will help keep the sun out and the cooler air inside.

• Proper ventilation is another key ingredient to keeping your RV cool. Good ventilation helps prevent excess heat from building up inside your RV. You can install vent covers over the existing roof vents that allow for ventilation even when it’s raining outside, or you can replace the existing roof vents with some power ventilation fans.

• Another tip for beating the heat is to start and run the air conditioner in the morning when it’s cooler outside, avoid opening the door as much as possible and cook outside rather than inside whenever possible. I also recommend taking a couple small fans with you to help circulate the air. If for some reason you can’t run the A/C you’ll be glad you have them. Of course if all else fails you can head to the water to get cooled off.

Have a wonderful summer camping season, and happy RV learning!

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