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How to Build a Smokeless Fire

Eliminate headaches with smokeless fires!

If you’ve spent any time around a campfire you know how annoying it can be when you get a bunch of smoke blowing right in your face. You get up and move, but it only seems to follow you. Smokeless fires are more efficient, burn faster and longer with less fuel. Follow these instructions on How to Build a Smokeless Fire.

Smokeless Fire

How to make a smokeless campfire

  1. Fire starting essentials: newspaper, fire lighter, kinder, charcoal, bricks, and water.
  2. Set up your fireplace using the bricks. Use 2-3 bricks to make a stove of any shape. Make sure you leave enough space for the fuel in between.
  3. Take one sheet of a newspaper and wad it up in the center of the bricks.
  4. Take three kinder pieces and keep it in a triangle over around the paper nest that you just placed. Now, make another triangular kinder and keep it on top of the former triangle, in a start shape. Make sure your arrangement is efficient enough not to collapse immediately.
  5. Place 2-3 pieces of firelighter in the core of your paper nest
  6. Light up the fire lighter and drop enough charcoal to start your efficient smokeless fire!
  7. Continue fueling the fire as necessary.

Enjoy your smoke free fire!


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