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How to keep RV tires in good condition while in storage

How to keep RV tires in good condition while in storage

Tire care is extremely important for your RV. As you take your last trip of the summer and prepare to store your RV for the off-season it is of utmost importance to prep your tires to be stored. Below are the ways to care for your RV tires before you store them for winter.

Clean your tires

When cleaning the inside and outside of your RV, don’t forget to clean your tires as well. You can wash them like the rest of your exterior; however, you will want to follow that washing with a special tire cleaner or conditioner. Many of these conditioners are simply sprayed on, left to sit, and then wiped off.

Pump up your tires

Pumping up your tires is something you typically do when you’re getting ready to hit the road. However, this is also a recommended step before storing your RV. Over-inflated as well as under-inflated tires can both cause issues. You will want to check your tire walls for the suggested pressure amounts and fill the tires to maximum pressure. Doing this will ensure that the tires are evenly distributing the weight of the RV. While the RV is in storage, you will want to periodically check your tire pressure to make sure it doesn’t drop too low.

Store with wheel blocks or tire cradles

If you put something between the ground and your RV tires while it is in storage, you will prolong the life of your tires. Wheel blocks or tire cradles will ensure that your RV is resting evenly with the weight equally distributed.

Invest in tire covers

Tire covers are useful for protecting your tires from the negative effects of weather. Rain, abundant sun, snow, and wind can all have an impact on your tires. Tire covers are a relatively inexpensive way to increase the longevity of your tires by protecting them when not in use.

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