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How to Pick the Perfect Campsite

How to find the perfect campsite

Know the Right Questions

Are you knee deep in summer travel plans? Are you searching for the perfect campsite location? We have several questions that are key to answer in your hunt for the perfect campsite. Answering these questions will make your search much more straightforward.

Question 1 : What hookups do you need?

What hookup does your RV require – 30 or 50 AMP? Conversely, if you’re planning on staying in a tent or have a much smaller rig, you will not want to shell out the dollars for a 50 AMP spot if that hookup is unnecessary. Most camping locations will allow you to narrow your search by hookup.

In addition, you need to consider whether sewer hookup is a must. Some of the prettiest and more remote campsites do not provide a sewer hookup. Consequently, you must decide if a prettier campground is worth using public facilities or waiting to dump your tanks at the end of a trip.

Question 2: What kind of site do you prefer?

Is your campsite just for a quick one night in and out? Are you hoping to take off early in the morning? If so, you may appreciate having a pull through stop at a campground. On the other hand, if you’re settling in for several days and planning to enjoy lots of time at the campground, you’ll likely appreciate the scenery and privacy of a back-in spot.

Question 3: Do you value proximity to amenities?

Have young kids? You may love that spot right next to the playground so you can sit under your awning and watch the little ones play. In your golden years? You may want to pick a spot as far away from the playground as possible. Plan on using the swimming pool constantly? Park close. Want to avoid the happy screams of swimmers? Make sure to put some distance between you and the pool.

If you’re camping in a tent, you may appreciate being close to the bathroom facilities for late night pee runs. However, if you’re in an RV with your own facilities you probably want to avoid the traffic and nighttime security lights by the bath house.

Question 4: Do I want sun or shade?

When traveling on 100 degree days, those shade spots are absolutely ideal. However, in other locations or seasons you will appreciate any added warmth the sun can provide. The shadiness of a parking location is important to consider.

Question 5: Is waterfront a plus?

Yes, many of us love a waterfront view. However, if you’re traveling with young kids, being right next to a river or other body of water may add quite a bit of stress and worry. With young kids, you may want to opt for a spot with a good distance from the waterfront so you have a chance to grab those kids who start to run off before their feet hit the water.

Question 6: Do I want a buddy site?

If you’re traveling with family or friends, some campgrounds offer buddy spots. These camping spots allow two RVs to face each other awning to awning with a large common space in between. This can make traveling with others even more fun!

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