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How to Transform your RV into a 5 Star Hotel

Add a bit of luxury to your RV

All of us enjoy being pampered from time to time. However, not all of us can afford a regular 5 star hotel experience. However, with a few particular additions to your RV, your can transform your next camping adventure into a luxurious retreat. Read on for five small items that can almost make you believe your RV is a 5 star hotel.

#1 Luxurious towels

Splurge on fluffy, high quality cotton towels. There is nothing like a plush, soft towel to make you feel like you’ve been transported to a spa. Look for towels that are not only 100% cotton, but also made of MicroCotton. This material is softer and more absorbent than traditional cotton. These days its possible to find high end towels for under $25.

#2 High quality natural candle

Let’s be honest, there can be quite a few unpleasant smells when camping. If you want the 5 star experience, you’re going to have to fool your nose. A quality, soy candle is the perfect way to do this. Look for a candle with natural ingredients that has a long burn time. For the true luxury experience, it’s worth investing in quality when it comes to scenting your space.

#3 Plush bathrobe

After you dry off with your soft, absorbent spa towels, you will want to wrap yourself in luxury. Find a plush, soft robe with deep pockets to keep your hands warm. Trust us, it will be worth the space it takes up.

#4 High Quality Coffee Maker

These days you can find high quality coffee and espresso machines that do not take up an enormous amount of counter space. A freshly brewed latte in the morning will make anyone feel like they’re staying in a high end resort.

#5 High Thread Count Sheets

Look for a high thread count Egyptian cotton sheet set to give your bed a complete makeover without even investing in a new mattress. Most high end hotel sheets are made of Egyptian cotton, which are soft and silky. Shop around – it’s possible to find a quality set for around just $50 (far cheaper than a night at that 5 star hotel).

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