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Kids’ Gift Ideas to Build Camping Excitement

Encourage a love of the outdoors this holiday season

You have an immense love for the great outdoors, and you’re hoping to pass that passion on to your kids. You know the many benefits that can be had from quality time spent out in nature. This holiday season, consider giving gifts to your kids that will help build excitement for camping and being outdoors in the coming months and years.

Toys that build a love of the outdoors

Spark creativity and imagination with toys that also build an appreciation for being outside. Here are a few ideas:

  • A play camping set. Look for a set that includes all the necessities of a campsite, including a play hatchet, lantern, pots, tent, and fire (even better if it lights up!). Imagining and playing camping will help make your little one excited for the real thing.
  • A telescope. Help encourage a fascination with the sky that will make kids excited to get away where the stars are more visible than in town.
  • Fishing bath toys. Help your kids practice reeling in fish in the bath tub, so they’ll be ready for the real deal come summer.

Kids’ Gear

There’s nothing like a new set of gear to stoke excitement for coming adventures, whether you’re a child or an adult. Stock up you kids with:

  • A quality sleeping bag. Consider the conditions your family ordinarily camps in – what temperature rating is necessary for your child?
  • Their own fishing set. Regular sized fishing poles can be cumbersome and difficult to use for kids. Get a set their size and they’ll be itching to join you on the next trip.
  • Walkie Talkies. Look for a set with a long range, which can encourage exploration while preserving the ability to communicate.
  • Headlamp. Free up their hands while keeping things illuminated. The right headlamp is way cooler than a traditional flashlight.
  • Marshmallow Roasting sticks. Nothing can win over a kid to camping like freshly roasted s’mores. Yes, a stick will work, but every kid loves their own colorful roasting stick.
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