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Make your Dog a BARK Ranger

Make Your Dog a BARK Ranger

Visit National Parks with your four-legged friends

Many of us love to bring our dogs along for our outdoor adventures. Many of the national parks allow your four-legged friends to travel with you. Not only that, but they encourage your dog to become a BARK ranger. BARK rangers are the best kind of visitors to national parks.

Becoming a BARK ranger

Becoming a BARK ranger is all about knowing how to behave in national parks. When bringing your dog along, always remember to BARK.

  • Bag your pets waste. Nobody following behind you wants to hike through your pets waste. Forget your bag? Most National Parks have them available to make sure they stay clean.
  • Always leash your pet. It doesn’t matter how well behaved your dog is, we all have our moments. For the safety of your pet and others, your dog must be on a six feet or shorter leash at all times.
  • Respect wildlife. If you have a dog prone to chasing wildlife, there are some parks you may want to avoid with your four-legged friends. Parks are home to all sorts of wildlife, so it is important your dog learns not to bark or chase.
  • Know where you can go. While many National Parks are pet friendly, there are areas prohibited to pets for various reasons. Always do your research before you go to determine if your pet is welcome.

Make your ranger official

Want to make your BARK ranger official? You can print a BARK ranger badge from many parks. In addition, at some parks your dog can earn an actual ranger dog tag.

Have fun adventuring with your pup this summer – and always remember to BARK!

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