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Meal Tips for RV Camping

Check out these great tips and tricks for cooking in your RV!

It’s no secret that we love camping. But sometimes meal prep can be daunting over a campfire, or in a small kitchen. Follow these RV meal prep tips to save time, patience, and get you back to enjoying your trip!

1. Tie it down!RV cooking

Don’t forget that things stashed in your RV will take every hairpin turn you do. Anything not secured in a cabinet should be stored in a bin and tied down. Avoid bringing grocery bags that will slip and slide you’re on the road, and be sure to tie everything down!

2. Pack plastic

Avoid those glass wine goblets you’ve been eyeing. They can easily fall out of your cabinet, get broken in your small sink, or get blown over by the wind outside. Choose instead lightweight plastic plates, bowls, and glassware.

3. Avoid high-risk perishables

The beauty of RV camping is that you have all the comforts of home right at your finger tips, while on the go. But remember that if you’re traveling long distances,  your fridge might lose it’s cold. High-risk perishables like raw meat can go bad. Opt instead for items that are lower risk, such as tuna, beans, salami, etc.
Tip: pack mixed spices instead of individual jars of each spice (i.e. taco seasoning, Italian seasoning, etc.)

4. Plan efficiently

Pasta may sound like an easy meal, but boiling water on the small stove is inefficient. And who wants to risk heating up their sleeping space when it’s 100 degrees outside? Opt instead for things that don’t need to be fried of boiled.

5. Don’t forget that you may opt to eat out

Rather than plan each and every meal, don’t forget that you may opt to eat out while you’re exploring! Stopping at that local fruit stand may be more fun than eating the same granola bars you’ve had for the last week.


 We hope these tips help you get back to your adventure, and out of the kitchen!
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