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Mosquito Repellent Tricks

Bugs getting you down? Check out these Mosquito Repellent Tricks!

Sitting down to enjoy your campsite and the bugs begin to bite? Check out these tried and true methods for keeping mosquitos at bay while you’re camping!

Spraying-with-repellentCitronella Candles: Invest in a few candles for your campsite, or make your own!

Lavender: Smells yummy to humans, but mosquitos hate it! Try adding a drop of lavender essential oils to a ribbon and hang it from your open windows, or rub a drop or two over your exposed skin.

Bug Repellent Sunscreen: protects fro UV rays AND repels bugs.

Rosemary: Put some rosemary on the BBQ to add delicious flavor to your meal, and keep mosquitos away!

Neem oil: apply neem oil directly to your skin to keep mosquitos from biting.

Now you can enjoy camping, bug free!

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