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Quality RV Tires – A Smart Investment

It is estimated that almost 50 million people will travel by RV this summer. As you plan for your trip and set your budget, you may want to consider investing in a new set of tires. There are many benefits to investing in a quality set of RV tires.

The Benefits of Quality Tires

If you invest in higher quality tires, there are several benefits:

  • Increased Safety: Your tires are directly correlated to your safety on the road. The tire tread and grip are critical for braking and adequate inflation helps you avoid a blowout. Once you invest in quality tires, you need to keep those tires serviced regularly for optimal safety while driving.
  • Greater Fuel Efficiency: All of us would like to save some money at the pump. Damaged or underinflated tires will reduce your fuel economy. Quality, well-inflated tires can save you up to 3% more fuel.
  • A Smoother Ride: You will find that higher quality tires give you a smoother ride. These tires are able to maintain the correct air pressure while also having good traction and tread. Road stability is even more important in an RV than in a car, as it keeps your belongings safe and leads to a more enjoyable experience on the road.
  • Longer-lasting Tires: There is a general correlation between the quality of the tire and the lifespan of a tire. Low quality tires are simply not made to withstand the wear and tear from the road and the weight of your rig.

Increase the lifespan of your tires

Once you have invested in a quality set of RV tires, there are several things you can do to increase their lifespan.

  • Inspect and service your tires frequently. Before and after each of your trips, visually inspect each of your tires. This inspection is particularly important if your RV has sat in storage, where tires can change with fluctuating temperatures. You want to look for damage, inspect the tread and check the tire pressure. Every 5,000 miles it’s important to have the tires rotated.
  • Fix problems immediately. If your inspection reveals low air pressure, worn tread, visible blistering, or gashes, address these immediately even if they appear minor. These concerns can turn into a major concern in the blink of an eye. If you notice any excessive vibrations and abnormal thumping sounds when driving, bring your rig in for inspection as soon as possible.
  • Keep tires cleaned and filled. Before each trip, make sure each tire is inflated to the proper pressure for equal weight distribution. Use a tire-safe cleaning agent to keep your tires clean of dirt and debris.
  • Store your RV properly. A properly stored RV when not in use will help extend the life of your tires. You always want to park in covered areas, preferably indoors. Position your tires on wood, concrete or gravel – not dirt. When storing your RV for longer periods of time, use tire covers to protect the tires. Don’t store your RV for too long – try not to leave it in storage for more than a few months.

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