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RV Buying Guide

Things to Consider When you Shop for an RV

Check out this RV Buying Guide from the experts at All Seasons RV, full of Things to Consider When you Shop for an RV.

Towable or MotorizedAll Seasons RV Buying Guide

For many families, towable RVs offer great flexibility and if you already own a vehicle that can serve as your tow vehicle, you are already half-way there. Motorized RVs on the other hand offer great passenger comfort while on the road and some people find them easier to park.

Are you a weekend warrior, or do you plan to do extended adventures?

You’re obviously going to need a lot more gear if you plan to live in your RV for an extended stay, which means you will need more storage space and greater load capacity. Sport Utility RVs (or toy haulers) are a great option for people who want to bring along a lot of large gear.

Sleeping capacity?

How many people will your RV need to sleep? An RV built for two offers a different set of features than a bunkhouse built for a family. With so many new styles of RVs on the market it’s helpful to narrow down your desired floor plan before hitting the showroom floor.

Where do you plan to camp?

Occasionally, not often, length can be an issue. Most parks can accommodate RVs up to 40’ long or longer. Some of the older state and national parks have length restrictions. A Type C can be a great option for people who want to go anywhere! You’ll also want to consider options, such as a generator, that make boondocking (camping without hookups) easier if this is something you plan to do.

When do you plan to camp?

Are you a summertime RVer? Or do you like to find your AWAY year round? If winter camping is something you enjoy, then consider looking for a four season RV. Four season equipped RVs typically have better insulation, heated tanks, and other features to make camping in varied weather conditions more comfortable. Likewise, if you are going to be spending a lot of time in hot climates, you’ll most likely want to have adequate air conditioning.

There are many choices of RVs on the market with something for everybody and every budget. Hopefully these tips have helped make your RV purchase a little easier. Stop by to visit with the experts at All Seasons RV and learn more about your options, or check out our inventory online!

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