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RV Camping Resolutions for a New Year

RV Camping Resolutions for a New Year

Resolve to get outdoors

While you’re snuggled under a blanket looking at snow covered landscapes, now is the time to plan and make resolutions for the upcoming camping season. If you want to get out there and seize the outdoors, the planning starts now. Find five great resolutions to make this spring and summer the best camping season yet.

#1 Find Camping Buddies

Want the most memorable camping experience possible? Find a group of like-minded campers to both go on adventures with, and to confer with about camping and activities. Successful camping trips involve a lot of planning and preparation. Consequently, they also become easier and more enjoyable when that load can be shared with others.

Even online camping buddies can be a big help. Look for camping groups on social media to find a treasure trove of ideas for food, packing, and itineraries. Don’t reinvent the wheel – lean on the knowledge and experience of others!

#2 Swap out the old for the new

We all have our favorite camping spots. It can be tempting to go with the known favorite, rather than discovering the new and unknown. You can still hit your favorite spot this summer, but resolve to go to at least one completely new location this camping season. Not up for a new location? Try out a new menu or a new activity. Mix things up and find new favorites!

#3 Use the off season to inventory

Inventory and organization is not a favorite task of many, but it is necessary. Take the off season time to do a full inventory of your camping gear. Organize according to what needs to be replaced, repaired, or reused. Make a list of new items that will be helpful. Sharpen your tools, buy needed batteries, get everything organized and labeled so that when that first heat wave hits you’re ready to go.

#4 Start a camping journal

Even camping disasters can one day turn into favorite stories. As much as you think you could never forget that awful (or extraordinary) experience, memory fades with time. Start a family camping journal record both your highs and your lows. This might become one of the most treasured pieces of your family history.

#5 Involve your kids

Resolve to get your kids involved in the details of the camping trip. Yes, it’s easier to just do things for the kids. However, if a love of the great outdoors is something you want to pass on to the next generation, it’s worth the work to get them involved. Let your kids help you meal plan, measure out and pack the food. Bonus – they’ll be more likely to actually eat the food! Have them help set up tents and beds and the fire pit. Give them chores for tidying up the campsite. Some people even have a campsite fairy that visits during the day and leaves little treats for clean campsites. Make it fun, and give them responsibility!

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