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RV Decluttering Guide

RV Decluttering Guide

Make the most of your space

The blessing and the curse of the RV is the amount of space available to you. The ability to scale back on “stuff” and get out to enjoy nature and the outdoors is phenomenal. However, if you’re traveling extensively you will need to make the most of the space you have.

There are several tips and hacks for making the most of the limited space in your RV, all while not making your rig feel cluttered or stuffed to the gills.

Use packing and unpacking lists

If you’re traveling by airplane and limited to a carry-on, you are likely to be very selective when you pack. When you have an entire RV before you it can be tempting to go by the method of “oh, just throw it in.” However, this methodology often leads to a cramped and cluttered RV with many unused items.

Create a specific packing list for each trip you take and stick with the list when loading up the RV. Then, when you’re unpacking use the same list. As you unpack your RV, if you pull out items that were not used at all on the trip make a note to remove that item from future lists. If you follow this strategy, you will be able to pare down your list to the items that actually get used.

Create a space budget

In your financial budget, you know that if you’re adding a significant expense without increasing your income, then another expense must be removed. Approach the space in your RV in a similar way. If you’re adding something into the interior of your RV, then remove something similarly sized. The space in your RV is not growing so follow the rule of in with the new, out with the old.

Nesting is your friend

Since your cabinet space is limited, nesting kitchenware is your new best friend. Look for dishes and pots and pans that nest well together to take up limited space. In particular, look for pots and pans with detachable handles. When bringing along storage containers, opt for squares or rectangles as opposed to round containers.

Use creative storage solutions

There are many creative hacks for making the most of storage in your RV. Try out some of these solutions.

  • Shower curtain + caddies: Look for a shower curtain with built-in caddies for toiletries.
  • Kitchen curtain + caddies: Add a curtain with pockets sewn in to store things like spices or small kitchen gadgets.
  • Tension rods: tension rods can be used in many places, including inside cabinets, for hanging things like towels and hot pads, or even garbage bags or paper towels. They can also be used as dividers inside cabinets to allow you to store things vertically.
  • File holders: Plastic file holders affixed to the back of a cabinet door are the perfect place to store foil and plastic wrap containers.
  • Fruit hammock: hang a small net hammock under your cabinets to store fruit without cluttering counter space.
  • Shoe organizers: Shoe organizers can be great for storing shoes, but they are also a great home for things like flashlights, sunscreen, spray bottles, or packaged food items.
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