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RV Family Packing List

Hit the road with the family

You have likely already started to dream about and plan for your summer RV travels. If you’re planning on hitting the road with the whole family this summer, it’s important to think through your packing list. Here are a few tips when making the RV family packing list to make sure everybody is ready and stocked to have a great time.



Kids tend to get dirty, especially when camping. None of us want to over pack, but with little ones in tow, it’s wise to have a couple outfits a day for a least a five day period. It’s wise to use laundromats on the road to lessen the amount you pack; however, laundromats may not always be easily accessible. Pack items that are easily interchangeable with each other, as well as a few layers to deal with unexpected changes in weather.


While it may seem excessive, it’s smart to pack at least three shoes per person. One pair should be sturdy, weatherproof hiking and exploring shoes. One pair should be slippers or comfy shoes to wear inside the RV. While this pair may seem like a luxury, it will help keep the inside of your RV clean. Thirdly, you should have one pair of flip flops or other water shoes that can be worn inside public showers and bathrooms.


No one wants to hear “I’m bored!” repeatedly while on vacation. A little bit of foresight and packing can help avoid boredom and encourage a fun time for all.

Outdoor toys

Pack a few toys meant to be played with outdoors. For young kids, this might be shovels and buckets and small toy tractors. Bikes and scooters are great for endless entertainment. For bigger kids you may want paddle boards or fishing poles.

Alone time activities

With everybody staying in a small space together over an extended time, it’s wise to pack some activities that will help encourage some peaceful alone time. These can be books, crafts, coloring supplies, or puzzle books. Each kid can have their own bag of supplies to use when alone time is called for.

Rainy day entertainment

Not everyday is bound to be an outdoor day. Bring along enough activities for those bad weather days. Card games, board games, and a few family favorite movies can turn a rainy day into a memorable day.


Let’s be honest, when traveling with a family food is one of your most important items for guaranteeing the happiness and satisfaction of all. Pack simple, easy to make meals sure to please all parties. Complicated meal prep is never good when tummies are grumbling. Also be well supplied in nutritious snacks to tide people over between meals. Pack the pantry staples, and plan to stop at grocery stores along with way for fresh items.

Pack one set of utensils for each member of the family – bonus points if each one can be a different color. Each people will then be responsible for cleaning their dishes after each meal. This can decrease the amount of waste with using all disposable dishware.

RV Supplies

There are a few staples you will want to supply your RV with:

  • First Aid Kit: Make sure this is fully stocked, including with medications.
  • Cleaning supplies: garbage bags, disinfecting wipes, a broom, and plastic tablecloths are just a few of the items to help you keep a clean campsite.
  • Repair kit: pack simple tools and supplies to help you make minor repairs on equipment.
  • Sleeping arrangements: special blankets and stuffed animals to bring comfort to kids, extra pillows, a tent to provide some separate space if someone needs to be alone for a bit.
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