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RV Guide: Setting Up Camp For Beginners

Here's how to Get Settled In On Your RV Trip
New to RVing? Here are some tips to get you settled in on your RV trip, whether it be your first or your thirty first.

  1. Check-in: When you arrive at your site, first check-in. Ask if the campground offers help for first-timers. You might be plesantly surprised that a seasoned staffer will guide you to your site and assist you in getting parked and leveled. If not, don’t fear.┬áRVers are a friendly audience! Ask your camp neighbor for advice if you have any questions.
  2. Arriving at Your Assigned Site: Is your site a back-in site or a pull-through site? Find out where your water, electrical and sewer hookups are, and position your RV for easy access. Watch for low hanging branches or other obstacles. If you have a slide out or an awning, be sure there is room on the sides to fully extend.
  3. Parking On Site: Once you’ve pulled in, apply the parking brake. Some motorhomes will not allow the slide outs to operate if the parking brake is not engaged. Level your RV using blocks or stabilizing jacks.
  4. Power: Make a connection by plugging your electrical power cord into the campsite receptacle matching the amperage requirements of your RV. Electrical adapters may be used, but keep extension cord use to a minimum. You may now switch your refrigerator to the AC setting to draw on electricity rather than your propane.
  5. Water: Always use a white potable RV drinking water hose. Attach the hose to the thank on the side of your unit, and run the other end to the campground water supply. Turn on the water and double check that there are no leaks. When you are hooked up to a water supply, you will not need your unit’s 12-volt water pump. The pump is used to draw water from the fresh water tank when an external source is not available.
  6. Apply the Finishing Touches: Set up the exterior of your RV by extending your awning, laying out an outdoor carpet, folding chairs, or table.

Congratulations! You are well on your way toward a fantastic adventure! Now is the time to relax and enjoy!

RV Guide: Setting Up Camp

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