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RV Insulation Tips

RV Insulation Tips

Beat the heat

It’s been a summer of record temperatures. If you’ve found your RV uncomfortable, with warm air constantly drafting in, it may be time to improve the insulation on your RV. Learn some expert tips for how to keep your RV cool and comfortable, even during the worst summer heat.

Common culprits

The following areas are some of the main culprits for taking on heat/losing cool air during the summer months (as well as losing heat and taking on cold air in the winter).

  • Windows and Doors: We realize this one is a “well, duh” answer. However, windows and doors are the first place to step up your insulation game. During the life of your RV you will need to re-caulk around windows and doors more than once. If it’s been awhile, you will want to tackle this project first. In high heat, it is also smart to add reflective insulation into your windows to repel heat. Finally, make sure the weather stripping on your door is in good condition and does not need to be replaced.
  • RV Skirting: Your RV skirting helps to keep your RV cool by creating a barrier between the hot pavement and the underbelly of your RV. Stop by All Seasons to find RV skirting that will work well on your rig.
  • Compartments: Hot air can seep into your RV through compartments that are not sealed well. Inspect the caulking around storage compartments and re-caulk where necessary. This is also an area that may call for new weather-stripping.

Tips for keeping cool

If you’re venturing out into the heat, follow these tips to keep cool on the road.

  • Add window shades to all windows. Sun streaming into the RV is one of the biggest culprits for rising temperatures. When adding curtains, pay attention to blackout ratings.
  • Park in the shade. This tip may go without saying, but parking in the shade is one of the quickest ways to keep your RV cool. If shade is often unavailable where you like to camp, consider investing in shade canopy to put over the roof of your RV.
  • Face north. When parking your vehicle, face it to the north. This way, the RV awning will protect the windows from the intense morning sun. During the hottest part of the day your RV itself will cast a shadow where you sit.
  • Make use of fans. Even if you have effective AC in your RV, running small portable fans will help air to circulate rather than settling on the ground. Using a portable AC unit can also help prevent over-straining the RV battery.
  • Keep your drinking hose high. On hot days, a drinking water hose near the ground will absorb heat from the pavement. Prop it up with cardboard or styrofoam blocks, or insulate the hose with swimming noodles or foam wrap.

Come visit us at All Seasons for even more tips and equipment to help you stay cool this summer!

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