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RV Pest Protection

RV Pest Protection

Pesky pests

You bought your RV because you wanted to be close to nature. However, there are some members of nature whom you would rather keep out of your home on wheels. With a few simple steps, you can protect your RV from an unwanted pest invasion. If you choose to ignore these steps, you will be ripe for some new house guests.

Mouse protection

Mice LOVE campgrounds. There are many yummy incentives to keep them around. To keep them out of your RV, you are going to need to ensure they have no points of entry.

  • You will need to keep doors and windows closed at the campground. If you want them open for summer breezes, make sure you have installed screens with no gaps. A mouse only needs a dime sized hole to get in.
  • Use spray foam to seal up any possible access points. An easy way to do this is to wait until it’s dark outside. Turn on all the lights in the RV and carefully inspect it from the outside to see where any light is escaping. Fill those gaps with the spray foam.

Another preventative measure to keeping mice (and other pests) away is to keep your RV clean. You may be on vacation, but tidiness will keep the pest at bay.

Insect control

There are not many things worse than waking up in the morning to find your kitchen overtaken by ants. However, there are steps you can take to prevent this unwanted surprise. Sealing up all gaps in your RV is the first step. There are a few other measures that can be taken as well.

  • Store all of your dry foods in sealed, airtight containers. Avoid bags and other containers that provide easy access for insects.
  • If you’re visiting a campground where you see a lot of ants, sprinkle some borax powder or kitchen cleaner with bleach around the tires and leveling jacks and any other surfaces of the RV that touches the ground.
  • Put a one inch band of petroleum jelly around your water hose, sewer hose and electrical cord. Insects will be unlikely to want to cross this.
  • Fix any leaks – dripping water will attract spiders and ants.
  • Citrus peels left out in the kitchen will help repel ants.

If you take a few simple precautions, you can keep your RV free of unwanted guests this summer!

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