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Solar-Powered Camping Products

Solar-Powered Camping Products

Summer Solar Solutions

Like it or not, these days we all have a lot of devices that require some sort of power. Power source can become a dilemma when heading out on a camping trip. However, solar technology continues to improve. There are many items that will function fantastically in the sunny summer months simply with the power of the sun. Take a look at some of our favorite solar-powered camping products – and perhaps add a few to your Christmas wish list!

Solar-Powered Lanterns

The sun can provide light not only for the day, but for the night as well. There are many highly rated solar camping lanterns. These lanterns save you from having to pack a bunch of batteries, and after a day in the sun have plenty of charge for all your nighttime needs. Some lanterns can last up to 24 hours on a full charge. There are even lanterns with some pretty unique features. For instance, some of them are fully collapsible or inflatable for saving space.

Enjoy a hot shower

Even your most hardy campers, if they’re honest, will admit the beauty of a nice hot shower. Now this is a luxury you can enjoy out in the wild simply by harnessing the sun’s power and heat. Look for portable showers that are meant to be filled and then heated by sitting out in the sun. The best models have a temperature gauge built in so you know when that shower gets to your preferred temperature.

Solar-Powered Generators

It is always smart to have a back-up power source along with you. While we always agree with tucking your cell phone away when enjoying the great outdoors, you do want it there and charged should an emergency arise. A good solar powered generator can charge multiple phones for several days on a single charge. It can also help power things like a mini-fridge for your gourmet campfire cooking or blowing up that air mattress that your no-long-twenty-something body craves.

Solar-Powered Radios

Having a radio along is never a bad idea in order to keep abreast of news and weather reports. Look for a solar powered radio that can serve multiple functions. One of our favorites includes a flashlight, reading lamp, and phone charger all built-in to the radio.

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