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Summer RV Maintenance Tips

Summer RV Maintenance Tips

Extend the life of your RV

Summer maintenance is just as critical as winter maintenance for extending the life of your RV. In the summer, the temperature in your RV can rise up to 40 degrees higher than the temperature outside. Both the heat and the strong summer sun can quickly age your vehicle if you’re not careful. Your engine, battery, tires, paint and trim, dashboard, airbags, seats and other interior are all in danger of damage during the summer. Follow these summer RV maintenance tips to keep your RV looking and driving like new.

Change your engine fluids

Topping off the fluids in your RV both at the beginning of the summer and throughout the summer will help prevent your vehicle from overheating. These fluids include your radiator fluid, motor oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid. When topping of the radiator fluid, remember to allow the vehicle to sit at least an hour after driving before removing the cap. A radiator check-up is also a smart idea at the beginning of the summer season – contact our service department today for a check-up!

Protect your battery

Battery fluids can evaporate in hot weather; consequently, be sure to refill your battery fluid and test the battery at least two times during the summer. If your RV is going to sit without use for a long time, disconnect the battery to prevent corrosion at the nodes.

Protect your interior

It is wise to apply interior trim and seat protectant at the beginning of the summer. Be sure that the product you’re using is the correct product for the materials in your RV. An oil or conditioner cleaner or protectant will help prevent leather seats from drying out and cracking.

UV rays can crack seats, steering wheels, and dashboards. In addition to a protectant, you will want to invest in sun shades. Using sunshades, UV-blocking film and patio and window awnings can help keep your interior around 50 degrees cooler. Using an air conditioner when your RV is not moving can also help save your interior from damage.

Protect your exterior

The paint, rubber and plastic trim on the exterior of your RV can also be damaged in the summer sun. You will want to wash your RV often in the summer to remove the grit that can cause scratches and chipped paint. A good application of wax at the beginning of summer will help protect your paint and will create a shiny surface to reflect more of the sun’s rays.

However, in your efforts to keep your RV clean, do not wash your tires too frequently. Too much washing of tires can strip them of needed oils and age the tires quicker. Heat will make tires lose air pressure more quickly. Consequently, you will want to check your tire pressure several times throughout the summer. Parking on non-asphalt surfaces and covering your tires will extend their lifespan.

After waxing your RV, apply a rubber trim protectant to prevent cracking of trims and window seals. In addition, cleaning, drying and waxing your awning can help prevent discoloration caused by dirt, bugs and UV rays.

Park wisely

Be picky in where you choose to park your RV. Shady spots are always preferable. However, a reflective tarp, UV-protective cover, canopy or carport can also protect your RV from UV rays, heat, bird droppings, and oxidation. However, be careful if you’re using a plastic tarp as a protective barrier. These tarps can trap moisture, cause rust and aren’t the most durable option long-term.

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