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4th of July Camping

It's not too late!

Although many campsites are completely booked this time of year, it’s still possible to plan a last-minute vacation in parts of the beautiful Northwest. If you want to spend the 4th of July Camping under the stars, try giving one of these areas a try.

4th of July CampsiteWestern Idaho’s lakes and greenery provide the perfect backdrop to your weekend escape. Cook a campfire meal and absorb the picturesque surroundings, all in your own backyard. For a change in scenery, look for campsites in the Southeastern region of the state. The striking rock fixtures and dramatic sunsets are enough to take your breath away.

If you find yourself farther West or would prefer to be closer to the ocean this holiday, check out some of Southern Washington’s campsites. Famous for its lush forests and staggering Oceanside cliffs, Washington’s parks and campsites are something to marvel at. [...]

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