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Fall Camping Tips

Don't Let Cooler Temps Keep You Inside!
Nighttime (ok… and daytime) temps are cooler, but don’t let that keep you inside! Autumn camping can be one of the most scenic times to get outside! Follow these tips to stay warm and dry while camping in the fall. Don’t forget to prep!Autumn RV Camping Find a campsite with great fall recreation. Pumping harvest, hiking, whatever it is your heart desires! Some campsites prices are even reduced in the fall, often after Labor Day. Don’t forget to check the weather, and plan accordingly. Pack extra blankets, or if you’re tent camping, be sure you have a cold-weather sleeping bag and watertight tent. Test your outdoor gear to be sure it’s functioning properly and is up to withstanding cooler and wetter conditions. Bring extra layers, packing water-resistant clothing including wool, fleece, and high-tech wicking materials. Don’t forget your hat and mittens! If you plan to hike, make sure your backpack [...]
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