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Gourmet Campfire Cooking Foodies love camping too

Loving the great outdoors does not eliminate your love of gourmet cooking as well. However, fine dining can be more challenging when cooking in an RV or over a campfire. However, with a little bit of planning and creativity you too can perfect gourmet campfire cooking.

Make ahead and freeze

OK, so there are some things that are just a wee bit difficult when in the great outdoors to throw together. For example, if you’re looking to pull off an exquisite pasta dish, that complicated sauce may be a bit much. However, many sauces can be made from the comfort of your home kitchen and then frozen for quick prep over the campfire. This technique also works great for soups. Cut the mess in the RV or campsite by making [...]

Meal Tips for RV Camping

Check out these great tips and tricks for cooking in your RV!

It’s no secret that we love camping. But sometimes meal prep can be daunting over a campfire, or in a small kitchen. Follow these RV meal prep tips to save time, patience, and get you back to enjoying your trip!

1. Tie it down!RV cooking Don’t forget that things stashed in your RV will take every hairpin turn you do. Anything not secured in a cabinet should be stored in a bin and tied down. Avoid bringing grocery bags that will slip and slide you’re on the road, and be sure to tie everything down! 2. Pack plastic Avoid those glass wine goblets you’ve been eyeing. They can easily fall out of your cabinet, get broken in your small sink, or get blown over by the wind outside. Choose instead lightweight plastic plates, bowls, and glassware. 3. Avoid high-risk perishables The beauty of RV camping is [...]
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