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Fall Campfire Recipes

There is nothing like congregating around the campfire on a chilly fall night. Enjoy the heat from the fire, and cozy food to fill your bellies. Try out these fall campfire recipes on your next camping trip!

Baked Apples

This Baked Apples recipes is reminiscent of apple pie, but super simple to cook over the fire. Simply core an apple and then fill the center with a mixture of raisins, nuts, a spoonful of brown sugar and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Place a small pat of butter on each end and then wrap the apple in foil. Roast the apples on a bed of coals for about 15 minutes, or until it’s soft enough to eat with a fork.

Sausage & Wild Rice filled Pumpkins

4 cups Wild Rice, cooked
1 lb ground sausage
2 medium apples, [...]

Fall RV Camping Tips The most wonderful time for RV camping

The fall can be one of the best seasons of the year for RV camping. Campgrounds tend not to be as crowded. The surrounding areas are overflowing with color. The temperatures are often very comfortable for hiking and exploring. However, if you’ve never taken your RV out for a fall camping trip, there are a few tips to heed.

Watch the weather

Weather can make or break a fall camping trip. If there’s a particularly cold snap in the weather or a lot of rain, you may find yourself quite uncomfortable. However, because campgrounds are not as busy in the fall you can usually make plans last minute. Keep a close eye on the forecast. If the weather looks good for the week ahead, you can make [...]

Fall Camping Tips Tips for Fall Camping With the Whole Family

When many people are packing up after the long summer season, others head out for some of the best camping of the year. As the weather cools, you can enjoy genuine quality time spent with your family and friends. Fall is a prime season for wildlife spotting and enjoying the outdoors without the hassle of bugs. Fall can also be one of the most beautiful seasons for viewing foliage, as trees burst with bright orange, yellow and red. There is nothing quite like camping in autumn, when warm days hiking and fishing fade into cool, crisp evenings gathered around a crackling campfire.

If you have never tried camping in the fall, we highly recommend giving it a shot this year. Our guide to fall camping will provide [...]

Wondering if your favorite campground is still open?

Check out the Washington State Fall/Winter Schedule

Washington State fall RV campingFall’s brisk nights don’t need to spell the end of camping season. Thinking of taking your RV out this fall or winter? Check to see if your favorite campground is still open!


Fall Camping Tips

Don't Let Cooler Temps Keep You Inside!
Nighttime (ok… and daytime) temps are cooler, but don’t let that keep you inside! Autumn camping can be one of the most scenic times to get outside! Follow these tips to stay warm and dry while camping in the fall. Don’t forget to prep!Autumn RV Camping Find a campsite with great fall recreation. Pumping harvest, hiking, whatever it is your heart desires! Some campsites prices are even reduced in the fall, often after Labor Day. Don’t forget to check the weather, and plan accordingly. Pack extra blankets, or if you’re tent camping, be sure you have a cold-weather sleeping bag and watertight tent. Test your outdoor gear to be sure it’s functioning properly and is up to withstanding cooler and wetter conditions. Bring extra layers, packing water-resistant clothing including wool, fleece, and high-tech wicking materials. Don’t forget your hat and mittens! [...]
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