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Solitary bliss

There is a time for people, and a time to be alone. Some of us long to enjoy the serenity of the outdoors in a solitary manner. No one else’s pace to keep up with – or slow us down. No sounds other than the sounds of nature. No agenda but our own. With many well maintained trails to choose from in Washington, solo hiking can be a great summertime activity. However, if you’re going to hit the trail solo there are a few tips to adhere to to make sure you make it safely in and out.

Notify Someone

You may hit the trail alone, but someone should know when and where you’re going. Give a detailed itinerary to friends and family, including where you’re hiking and when you anticipate both starting and [...]


If we’ve learned anything the past few months it’s how vital the outdoors is to our physical, emotional and mental health. Fortunately, trails and parks have begun to open up again. We want to see them remain open, which means it’s important to #recreateresponsibly as we head back to the great outdoors.

The newly formed Washington Recreate Responsibly Coalition has put together six simple tips to follow as we enjoy our natural surroundings in the time of coronavirus. Following these tips will help prevent the spread of the virus.

Tip #1: Know before you go

Before you head out for your adventure, check to make sure your destination is open. If it is closed, simply don’t go. If you arrive and it’s very crowded, opt for a plan B. This means you should have a plan B [...]

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