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Hiking Etiquette

We’re blessed to live in a region of the country with countless glorious hikes. Before hitting your next trail, though, make sure you’re following the common rules of hiking etiquette.

Clean it up & Pack it out

It’s important to clean up all litter and debris while you’re hiking. This clean-up duty includes dog poop. Nobody wants to step in dog poo while they’re enjoying the great outdoors. However, even worse than leaving a pile is bagging the poo and then leaving the bag behind. Any kind of plastic bag poses a threat.

Heed all signs & postings

While a sign of a trail closure or detour may be a frustrating addition to your day in nature, those signs are there for a reason. Someone may have harmed themselves or the property. Rangers may be [...]

Experience Fall!

It's hiking season!

The autumn air is crisp, the bugs (and crowds) are at a minimum and the natural world is at its jewel-toned peak. It’s time for a hike!

Wallace Falls State Park

A brisk stroll through the cool air and colorful leaves is one of autumn’s most divine and invigorating rituals. Pulling on a sweater and hiking boots, pouring a mug of hot coffee and setting out for your favorite trail is enough to inspire giddiness.

Fall also is a time when conditions can change in a hurry. So before you hit the trail, visit Washington State’s Adventure Awaits blog for a few tips!

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