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Summer RV Maintenance Tips Extend the life of your RV

Summer maintenance is just as critical as winter maintenance for extending the life of your RV. In the summer, the temperature in your RV can rise up to 40 degrees higher than the temperature outside. Both the heat and the strong summer sun can quickly age your vehicle if you’re not careful. Your engine, battery, tires, paint and trim, dashboard, airbags, seats and other interior are all in danger of damage during the summer. Follow these summer RV maintenance tips to keep your RV looking and driving like new.

Change your engine fluids

Topping off the fluids in your RV both at the beginning of the summer and throughout the summer will help prevent your vehicle from overheating. These fluids include your radiator fluid, motor oil, transmission fluid, [...]

RV Spring Cleaning Checklist

With the early spring-like weather this year, you may be already dreaming of your first trip in your RV. However, before you get ready to pack your bags, it’s important to tackle a thorough cleaning of your RV. Check off our RV Spring Cleaning Checklist to get your rig ready for the wide open road. Does your RV need maintenance? Get it scheduled in our Service Department today!

Spring Cleaning Supplies

Before you slip on those rubber gloves, you’ll want to make sure you have all the needed supplies to clean your RV. Not sure where to find them? Stop by our shop for all your RV needs! We suggest the following:

  • Roof & Window Sealant
  • Wash & Wax
  • Fresh water system cleaner
  • Rubber roof cleaner
  • Roof brush
  • Awning Cleaner
  • Rubber roof UV procectant
Spring Cleaning Tasks

This list is [...]

Schedule your RV winterization today!

There’s snow in the mountains, and that means time to winterize. Schedule your RV winterization service with the expert Service Team at All Seasons RV!

What Happens If You Don’t Get Your RV Ready For Winter?

Winterizing is not a step you want to skip if you’re storing your RV in the cold this winter. Taking shortcuts with winterization can leave you with big-time problems like broken pipes, water damage, and even damage from condensation. If you leave liquid in the drain lines those can crack in the cold. And damage to the water pump, toilet and sink valves, and drain traps means steep costs when you go to use your RV next year.

Why Choose the Service Team at All Seasons?
  1. We have decades of experience in servicing RVs of all types
  2. We have [...]

Autumn’s about to arrive, and winter won’t be too long after. It’s time to hunker down and get ready!

But even if your home is 100% prepared for the coming drop in temperatures (and leaves), it can be easy to forget about your camper. Your RV needs some seasonal love, too!

So whether it’s a motorhome, travel trailer, or tiny camper van living in your driveway, don’t leave it out in the cold — at least, not metaphorically.

Here’s a quick guide to how to prep your RV for the quickly-approaching fall season.

RV Autumn Maintenance Tips

Although autumn is a fantastic time to take camping trips, many families take a break from vacationing for September and October. The fun-filled summer’s at an end and school is back in session, so it can be a good time [...]

How to clean your RV

You and your family have had many summer adventures in your RV – and it shows. It’s time to clean your RV, but this task can be challenging. Learn some tips to clean your RV without causing any damage.

Pressure Washers

You may well pressure wash your home, but pressure washing your RV isn’t always the greatest idea. RVs often have overlapping layers or gaskets that aren’t as stable as those on a home might be, which could allow high-pressure water to leak in.

Anywhere there are areas sealed with products like silicone or other malleable materials, pressure washers can pull them loose and cause serious damage to the sealed area. A good brush and hose with a sprayer attachment will usually do the job just as well.

This isn’t to say you [...]

How to check vehicle fluid levels - RV Preventative Maintenance It doesn’t matter if it’s a motorized RV, your tow vehicle, or your daily driver, checking and maintaining all of the fluid levels is good preventive maintenance.

In this RV how-to video we’ll show you what fluid levels to check, and how you to do it. Add these fluid level checks to your preventive maintenance schedule to help identify any problems early.

Top Tips From This Video
  • Use your owner’s manual to identity all the components on the vehicle that require oil or fluids to operate correctly – the manual will also tell you capacities and the proper fluids to use
  • If your coolant is low, you could have a leak – check all the radiator and heater hoses and clamps for signs of a leak
  • If you need to [...]

RV Lovers Gift Ideas

Shop All Seasons RV for everything you need for the RV Lover in your life!

Looking for Gift Ideas for RV Lovers? Shop All Seasons RV for everything you need for the RV Lover in your life!

Gift Ideas for RV Lovers

Hitch & Tow Gift Ideas:

Whether you’re pulling your trailer for a fun camping weekend or towing a fifth wheel, having the right tools will ensure both you and your vehicle have a safe trip. Only All Seasons RV offers the best when it comes to your hitching and towing needs, from brake control systems to tow shields, to giving you some piece of mind.

RV Decor Gift Ideas:

We know you’re creating a home away from home – which takes a lot of work! From space saving gadgets, to comfy mattresses, to appliances, to fasteners to keep it all in place, we’ve got everything you need to [...]

There’s nothing worse than going through all the work to clean, pack, and prep your RV for an exciting trip just to have it break down on the side of the road on the way to your destination. Join us for our All Seasons RV Maintenance Classes to learn basic maintenance and repair skills, trouble shooting tips, and important RV maintenance resources.

Saturday, September 9

11:00am class: Window & Roof Sealing, LP gas systems

12:00pm: lunch

1:00pm class: Chassis Inspection

Saturday, September 23

11:00am class: Winterization

12:00pm: lunch

1:00pm class: Battery Storage

Come for the class, and stay for lunch! We’ll BBQ hamburgers and brats at noon on the 9th and 23rd. Contact the store to sign up: 509-663-6551.

Get your RV ready to hit the road!

How to De-Winterize your RV for Spring

Are you ready to take your RV out of storage and get it ready to hit the road again? Here’s the basics of How to De-Winterize your RV for Spring. Visit the experts at All Seasons RV for all your tune-up needs.

Essentially, we need to reverse the steps we used last fall when we winterized our RV, and get it ready to hit the road! Here’s where to start:


There are two main tasks for a RV water system that has been winterized and stored for a period of time.

1. Remove RV antifreeze from the plumbing system. If you used non-toxic RV antifreeze to protect the water system from freezing, you need to run fresh potable water through the entire plumbing system until all traces of the RV antifreeze is removed. Next, add [...]

How to Prepare your RV for your Snowbird Trip

With help from All Seasons RV

With the crisp bite of fall in the air, that means one thing here at All Seasons RV: snowbird trips! Time to get your rig ready for your big trip. We have the experienced service staff and products you need to prepare your rig for your trip.

RV checklistHere are a few tips as you prepare to leave:

  • Wash and wax your RV: inspect seams and seals as you go.
  • From the roof: inspect the roof access ladder. Clean and condition the roof. Check the seals and vent covers. Remove the air conditioner cover and clean. Test TV antenna and solar panels.
  • Review your gear. Are your lawn chairs, rug, lights, BBQ, and fire pits all packed?
  • Clean windows and check hardware.
  • Check your tires for pressure, tread, and cracks. Check your brakes.
  • Clean and lubricate power [...]
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