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How To RV In The Winter

Tips For Surviving The Cold

Winter RVDreaming of a warm winter but seeing snow in the forecast? Don’t despair! Traveling south for the winter is always an option (goodbye snowbirds!), but here are some tips if you’re RVing in the winter in a cold environment:

  • Protect your water hoses: wrap hose in aluminum foil – transfers¬†the heat from the heat tape to the water hose, add foam tubes, heat tapes and sealant. Add a pressure regulator to the water line and check for leaks. Insulate larger piping and hoses with heat tape. Build a box around your hookups, and add a thermostat that activates a heater when the temperate drops
  • Protect your systems from freezing:¬†gray water must protect from freezing by flowing entirely downhill. No one wants a frozen sewer line! The gray valve can always be closed temporarily in extreme cold temperatures. Steel wool protects mice from getting [...]
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