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Take work on the road

Take work on the road - work from the great outdoors

Work remotely from the great outdoors

If coronavirus has taught us anything, it’s how to work remotely. We’ve released work from the office to our homes – why not release it to the great outdoors? This summer take work on the road and work from the great outdoors. You might be surprised when your productivity and creativity actually increase.

Save money, travel mid-week

Many prime camping locations book up and are more expensive during the weekends. Instead, travel mid-week for cheaper rates and open days. By staying at a park, you can get outside AND get fresh air while working. You can even bring the whole family, and let the kids play. Then, when the work and play are over, grab some family time with a nice dinner/barbecue at a park picnic table!

However, you will want to consider connectivity before hitting the road. Potholes State Park near Othello and Pacific Beach State Park on the coast have their own WIFI networks, but most parks do not. However, you can in plug in to your LTE network, or just work offline until you get a chance to connect in a nearby town.

If you’re working remotely, you will want to make sure to bring a power source with you. There are many options for portable power stations that will give you several days of productivity even without access to A/C.

Tips before you hit the road

  • Check before you go: there are still some closures in Washington, so make sure you check your destination for any restrictions before you head out.
  • Book ahead of time: especially in the summer, reservations are highly recommended and often necessary.
  • Shop where you live before you leave: bring extra supplies and be prepared for stores to be closed, not well stocked or to have different operating hours than normal.
  • Be flexible: there may be some extra inconveniences and some trailheads may be closed. Be flexible, stay safe and have fun!

Information taken from the Adventure Awaits blog.

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