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The Benefits of Buying a Used RV

The Benefits of Buying a Used RV

Not sure you can justify the cost of a brand new RV? There are many benefits to buying a used RV. And when you buy a used RV from All Seasons, you can have peace of mind knowing the vehicle has been thoroughly examined and serviced. All of the units – new or used – on our lot are always ready to roll out the door. Check out just a few of the benefits of a used RV below and then shop our current inventory of used RVs!


Simply put, affordability is one of the greatest benefits of a used RV. Like cars, RVs depreciate quickly – dropping as much as 30% just when you drive it off the lot! Buying used means you don’t take on that big depreciation hit and instead net some big savings. The key here is buying an RV that is old enough to have gone through the largest depreciation period, but not so old that it’s going to require constant maintenance.

More information

If you’re buying a used model, you should be able to do your research on it! Unlike some brand new models, there should be plenty of reviews that can help you make a wise decision. Do your research and purchase with confidence!

Ability to customize

When purchasing a new RV, you will probably be unlikely to perform a lot of cosmetic changes. However, you can use some of your savings from buying a used model to customize your rig to your liking! You can reupholster, add solar panels, or switch out the cabinets. You will have more freedom (and money!) to make it your own.

Things to consider when shopping

When shopping for a used RV there is a list of questions you will want to answer first:

  • How much do you have to spend? Include in this cost upfront costs and how much you’ll spend on customization and ongoing maintenance.
  • What class is best for you? Can you tow a 5th wheel or do you prefer a motorhome?
  • What space do you need? While many things are customizable, the layout of an RV is more difficult to change. Make sure you choose a layout that works well for you.
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