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The Best Gifts for RV Enthusiasts

The Best Gifts for RV Enthusiasts

Gifts for the enthusiast who has everything

It can be challenging to shop for the outdoor enthusiast who seems to have everything. If you have an avid RVer on your list this year, read on for some creative gift ideas sure to bring a smile to their face.

Decorative Maps

One of the best parts of RV life are the memories you make. Help your loved one record those memories creatively with decorative interactive maps. There are lots of options to choose from. Some have magnets for each state to be added once you’ve visited, some are scratch off, others have a slot to put in a state coin. The bonus is these maps are perfect decor for the inside of an RV.

Creative Storage Options

Storage space is always limited in an RV. Look for creative storage solutions to make the most of that space. For example, look for spice storage options. Some magnetic spice containers can be stored vertically on a metal sheet. Or an under the cabinet spice drawer that keeps spices out of the way, yet handy. Anything that will help organize the kitchen will be a welcome treat!


Many head off in their RV to enjoy the sounds of nature. However, having a wireless, weatherproof speaker along can be quite handy. From audiobooks, to games for the sports fan, to just the right tunes for the family dinner, a speaker enhances the atmosphere of the campsite.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is one of the quickest ways to enhance a campsite. From string lights to hang from trailer to branches, or lanterns to light up family game night, outdoor lighting always makes a great gift. Look for lighting that is easy to charge and easy to assemble.

America the Beautiful Pass

Chances are, if you love RVs, you love national parks. The America the Beautiful Pass gives your camping loved ones access to more than 2,000 parks and recreation sites across the country for twelve whole months – for everyone in the vehicle.

Propane Fire Pit

Is it really camping without s’mores? Sitting around the fire is the essential camping activity, but not every campsite has a fire ring. The easy solution? A portable, propane firepit. There are many sizes available, including ones with plenty of heat and space to cook over and to warm up chilly nights. There are also small tabletop versions that add the perfect ambiance for relaxing at the campsite while not taking up much space in the RV.

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